The documentary, Social Beauty will begin filming this fall!

We know that there will be six black beauty sensations who document their lives as they navigate the beauty industry.

This project is directed and produced by black creatives including Andrea Lewis, CJ Fasion Takara Joseph, and Kwanza Nicole Gooden while Jackie Aina will executive produce. She will star alongisde Cydnee Black, Whitney White, Shalom Blac, Nyma Tang, and Alissa Ashley.

In an official statement, Aina said, “I’m so excited to be a part of something that shows our impact as black women in beauty.”

Aina added, “I hope through this project people will see that so many of us are passionate, multifaceted, and more than what you see outwardly. It is an honor being a part of a community that encourages so many of us to believe in ourselves and to look and feel beautiful even when often times the media encourages otherwise.”

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that this documentary will allow people an inside look at the lives of these popular influencers.