In an era that sheds a lot of light and love to women empowerment. Spelman professor, actress, and curator Dr. Ja’el Roberson (publicly known as Ja’el The Great), is hosting a super-sexy event in Atlanta last weekend to celebrate and spread love to our black kings. The event is an extension to “The Great Audio Book of Affirmations (King Edition),” her newly released project.

Ja’el is a powerhouse and inspiration to women all over the US. So, the question has always been asked, “what about the men Ja’el?” Since then, she has made it clear that black men have a very important role in the world and that black women are definitely standing beside them to help uplift, love and celebrate their existence.

Listen to what she has to say about our kings:

We love seeing your passion for women empowerment! After making such a difference with your social Sundays for the ladies, what made you shift this energy to the men?

I wanted to do something that was extremely beautiful and healing for the black men in our lives. We all have been experiencing a lot. But our men need some love right now. We appreciate you, we need you all to receive this love. We see you, we hear you, we feel you, and we got you — always.

Was it anything in particular that made you create affirmations for men? What does affirmations mean to you?

Women are “allowed” to express themselves a lot more than men are. God has called me to focus on men right now. This journey has been absolutely beautiful. I am a champion for men. Growing up, my dad spoke life into me! He was careful about the words he chose. You cannot convince me that “all black men” carry this negative stigma that society wants to paint them as because my example was not that! So, men, this is all about how you speak to yourself and over the lives of other men. Ladies too! Change your language if needed! Words are powerful. The men need us women just as much as they need each other! Everything starts in the mind, works its way to your language and transforms into real energy as a result.

Who are some men that you look up to or hold close to your heart?

My father! I became conscious and aware of the importance of a strong black man after receiving that kind of love and impact from my father. I love my mama but I am a daddy’s girl and PROUD OF IT. Others called it spoiled but my dad called it LOVED. This is a huge reason why I am such a strong woman today. I am an awesome woman because my dad has always been an awesome man.

We love to see how strong and confident you are. What is something you would suggest to women who want assistance uplifting the men in her own life?

I’m not saying that there aren’t Kings who didn’t mess up along the way; they may have been taught misinformation from those around them or those before them. We need men. Please believe in them, they want to change and heal just like the rest of us. However, they aren’t always given the same atmosphere and environment to do so. So do listen to them, and speak care to them in every way that you can or whenever you see the opportunity. Let them feel safe with you.

We love to hear that you are a college professor. Did you always want to teach and support others? How did you get into that?

Yes I teach the greatest class ever — public speaking! Growing up I wanted to be an attorney. But, I remember being in highschool and the girls would always come up to me and tell me their problems. Somehow, I always knew what to say. At that young of an age I didn’t know that was my calling but I never stopped. I just have a huge love for people and I want to do this forever to help others and to work with them on their own individual journeys to allow them to help someone else one day as well. 

If there’s one thing you would like to see men value more within themselves and each other, what would it be?

I need for all of my KINGS to know that everything that you need is already inside of you. You are more than enough!

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Ja’el “The Great” is a professor, life coach, and dynamic motivational speaker who is passionate about spreading the message that “You are Perfect for Your Purpose.” She honed her craft as a life coach and motivational speaker while working as a facilitator for world-famous motivational legend Les Brown at his “How to Become a Millionaire” Workshop. A graduate of Thee Jackson State University, Ja’el “The Great” is a Professor at Spelman College. She has been featured as a keynote speaker for conferences, workshops, and schools across the country.

Featured Image by Corey Reese Photography