James R. Sanders attributes his professional knowledge to note a selection of essays tackling race, relationships, and culture. With a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Master’s in English, Sander’s has spent the last five years contributing to notable media publications – including Sheen Magazine, Huffington Post, and Complex. His first coffee table book defines reparations as “the BIG payback,” an ode to race and fashion in America. Inside you can also find eye-catching editorial shots to accompany his compositions.

“There is little freedom in fashion for black people with the feeling of not belonging looming overhead. Ironically, proving one’s worth in the fashion industry is a rite of passage for black creatives often having to reconcile the fact that black culture is misappropriated and then given a new name.” adds Sanders.

In all, Sanders’ aim for Reparations: Style + Soul is to uncover systematic racism still present today while also sharing our black culture’s influence on the fashion world. Contributing writer, Taylar Broadnax, caught up with Sander’s to learn more about his presence throughout the book.