The Grammy-nominated artist, actor, and novelist, Janelle Monáe, was interviewed by Trevor Noah on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night. Janelle talked to Trevor about how she learned to live in the moment, how she came up with “The Memory Librarian” while on mushrooms, healing during the pandemic and more.

Partnering with co-writers to bring the short stories to life, Janelle Monáe explained the book to Noah saying, “It’s like a compilation album. It’s like a mixtape.”

“I sat down in the pandemic, 2020, and I finally said that there’s more,” she said. “I was on mushrooms, and I just came up with all of these thought experiments, where I was like, ‘What if there was this Black woman, she was the memory keeper of this city? She knew all of the people’s memories before they were cleaned, before their identities were wiped clean, and she wants to fall in love.…That’s the first [story].”

Harper Voyager released Monáe’s book, based on her Grammy-nominated album Dirty Computer on Tuesday.