Jay-Z and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are collaborating to develop The Bitcoin Academy, a financial literacy program for residents of the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, where the musician grew up. Marcy residents will be able to take seminars both online and in person, with dinner being supplied at each class, according to the program, which was launched on Thursday. Residents who take part will receive MiFi equipment, smartphones, and data subscriptions, which they will be able to keep. Children will be able to attend “Crypto Kids Camp” on two Saturdays.

From June 22 to September 7, classes will be presented on topics such as “What is Money?” and “What Is Cryptocurrency?” “How to Keep Yourself Safe from Scammers” and “What is Blockchain?” The Bitcoin Academy is a partnership by Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaire, and is supported in part by personal grants from Carter and Dorsey, as well as the Shawn Carter Foundation and Block. The two moguls seek to expand the academy into other neighborhoods.