Jay-Z is much more than just a hip-hop mogul, he’s an entrepreneur if there ever was one. Given his undeniable talents in the rap game, it’s only right the New York legend takes his efforts into the cannabis industry. With the launch of MONOGRAM, Shawn Carter’s first cannabis line, he hopes to redefine what cannabis means to consumers all around the world. 

On Thursday, November 18th, Sheen Magazine had the pleasure of attending the opening of the MONOGRAM storefront at Calma Dispensary, located in the heart of West Hollywood. This standout display serves as MONOGRAM’s biggest brick & mortar footprint to date, and showcases 3 different strains: the No.01, the No.03, and the newly-released No.08. No.08 serves as the company’s debut light strain, available in different formats such as loosies, hand-rolls, and 2 gram or 4 gram flowers.

Present was DeAndre ‘De’ Watson, MONOGRAM’s Culture & Cultivation Ambassador, who revealed the reason the weed strains are titled by numbers is because back in the day, none of the weed strains had names. Taking it back to the old school ways when cannabis first came into fruition, MONOGRAM prides themselves in not only the quality of the flower, but to deliver the best possible product with the consumer in mind. 

Speaking on the retail launch, De states, “To me, MONOGRAM is bringing back the culture. We’re bringing back the integrity of the cannabis industry. We’re bringing back some familiarity to the turkey bag world, Backpack game. The real mason ja, the real culture. The triple beam scale. We want you to go back to that, this is what we’re bringing back to the cannabis culture.”