It’s no secret that Jay-Z is always using his platform to help others. Since September, Jay-Z’s Team Roc has been seeking legal action against the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department.

Team Roc has requested the release of investigative files, records, and misconduct allegations. Just recently, Team Roc made a $1M donation to support the Midwest Innocence Project – which works to free those from the legal system has failed them.

The Kansas City Star has reported that the $1M donation is going towards the local innocence project to investigate wrongful convictions in Wyandotte County. The county has a history of injustices including Lamonte McIntyre. McIntyre was wrongfully convicted and spent 23 years in prision for two murders in which he did not commit.

In addition, there was the Olin “Pete” Coones Jr. case – where he was exonerated after serving 12 years for murdering someone who died from canceer that went undiagnosed 108 days after he was released.

With the backing of Team Roc, 40 people who were convicted in the county have applied for the Innocence Project to investigate their cases.