25-year-old actress Jaylen Barron always gives breath-taking portrayals of notable shows – last night, her talents appeared across the silver screen again in the season finale of Blindspotting. Barron plays a sex worker named Trish, we spoke with the brilliant artist as she shares the importance of conducting her craft well.

Blindspotting has been pivotal in so many ways – what’s it like taking on the role of Trish? Trish is a sex worker – how did tap into those elements of her?

It has really a blessing to be a part of a show with such a powerful message, to play Trish and portray somebody who I’ve never experienced being before. It is truly a dream come true and so fulfilling as an actress. While working on the show, I am learning about the unjust prison system and things that I had no idea were still going on in the world. Being able to be a part of it is making me feel like I am making a difference by allowing me to display Trish’s life. I’m hoping that I’m inspiring girls who see themselves in Trish and it is making them feel less alone.

I really tapped into that sexy side of me I didn’t even know I had, that I didn’t even know I could bring out. I really feel like being a sex worker is all about confidence and being completely 100% sure of yourself because it takes a lot to put yourself and your body out there, especially in some unsafe situations. To all the sex workers out there: you are inspiring, you are strong, and I know that you’re  just trying to make it.

How do you think your role in Free Rein prepared you for Blindspotting role?

That’s an interesting question. I feel like it prepared me in a way to be more grateful for what I have. When I was working on Free Rein, I felt like I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunity that was given to me because I was so young and naïve. However, with Blindspotting, I’ve realized that it is important to appreciate the moment and be grateful for what I have.

What is the key to portraying a well-rounded character?

Know your lines and create your persona, all the way down to how the character would style their nails and get their haircut. That way when you go on set, half of the work is already done and the only other thing that you need to do is get there, do the best you can, and the director will take it from there.

What can we expect next – are there any ventures outside of acting you’re hoping to explore?

I would really love to open my own fabulous restaurant one day. I want it to have a very high- end, urban Mexican and African-American fusion cuisine. I’m so good at cooking that I feel like I know exactly what people are looking for, and I just want it to be the go to place for all the hot girls and boys to have a vibe with their friends, get a drink, listen to amazing R&B music, and be around beautiful scenery. The restaurant venture is definitely going to be one of my next steps. You guys should definitely come, you will be the first on the list.

I would also really love to open a no-kill animal shelter. I love animals and I really get along with them well. It breaks my heart to see stray dogs in the shelter, and I really want it to be a place where everybody will want to come to adopt their next dog.

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