In a fierce female dominating beauty industry she has broken standards in the offline and online space by providing opportunities for others all over the world to create the life they desire.

 Can you tell everyone, who is Jazminne Wade?

Jazminne Wade is a high-spirited businesswoman From Dayton, Ohio she mastered her love for lace and has now relocated her talents to Atlanta to expand not only her name but her business. She is also a mother, daughter, sister, friend & fiancé. 

Have you always had a desire to be in the beauty industry?

Yes, since I was 16, I just wanted to be the best hair stylist. All the hottest hair stylist lived in the major states I felt after I perfected my craft living in a major city would put the icing on the cake! 

From doing hair in your mother’s basement to international. What within the journey helped to prompt you to want to expand internationally?

Social media truly help me widen my audience. Seeing that I could go viral & have people message me from all over the world telling me how they love my brand was amazing that inspired me to let my brand be accessible to everyone watching me.

We love that you do believe in keeping the knowledge to yourself, and started, teaching and mentoring others. Can you tell us more about that?

A lot of people are scared to share their secrets as if people could be as perfect as they are by tomorrow. I like to share anything I know & learn. It gives me a thrill when people actually use the information I give them. I’ve learned only the dedicated will perfect what I have.

You also have a product line; can you tell us more about Gummy Glue and what led you to create it?

Our Gummy Glue Sensitive & Extra hold wig glue is specially formulated for use as a pressure sensitive adhesive and glue for bonding hair replacement systems to skin and scalp. It resists humidity, sweat, and water to provide a strong bond with our customer’s skin. I came out this this product specifically because I’ve been using lace products for the past 10 years coming out with this product was a must with the experience I have with so many brands. I wanted to ensure that our adhesive will keep our customers confident with not worrying about their hair lasting.

Where would you like to see your company and products in the next 3 to 5 years?

I would like to see our products in stores right now we are working on being in hair stores across America and we also would love to be in more major beauty stores such as Sally’s, Ulta, Sephora, Walmart, and Walgreens. We want our product to be a household name that’s accessible to all our customers.

What would you like our viewer to gain from this interview?  

I want them to understand that our hair is a statement especially a great wig, & with our Gummy Glue, they are going to rock that statement!

How can people connect with you?

I am on all platforms. My website is

Facebook: Jazminne wade

Twitter: Jaz_minne__

Instagram: Imaslayyobae

TikTok: Imaslayyobae17

Photo Credits: Jazminne Wade