Most of us are working from home now adays because of the current pandemic. Yeah, working on the couch is cool here and there but when you mean business it’s truly tine to snap into action. A desk set-up is the first way to turn your focus around but you can stay focused and still have a personalized work area. Here are some of my favorite items that allowed me to keep my focus while assembling a comfy at-home work space.

photo obtained from Target

Basic Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Computer Riser, $190

I never knew how much I needed this. Gifted by my sister for Christmas, it seriously saved my back. It raises your laptop up so you can also work from standing too. There’s even space for another screen if you’ve got two computers you need to look at.

photo obtained from urban outfitters

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser, $119

I never really understood the point of a diffuser but I’m surely glad I gave it a chance. This essential oil diffuser not only fills up the entire room with calming scents but I think it makes the most classy and chic decoration on my desk. Every time I feel myself beginning to stress out, I turn on this diffuser and I can feel my anxiety slowly go away.

photo obtained from urban outfitters

DesignWorks Ink Affairs Desk Notepad, $18

I love this notepad from Anthropologie. It helps me sort out all the things I need to remember yet do so in a stylish way. It’s helped me out with important dates, things to do, and keep notes of everything I should remember.

photo obtained from World Market

Gold Adjustable Task Desk Lamp With Marble Base, $60

Okay, by all means you probably don’t need a fancy lamp because a lamp is a lamp. But if you’re looking to spruce it up just a little I’m obsesse with this modern looking lamp. I also feel like it doesn’t strain my eyes but I’m not positive if that’s just me (laughs).

photo obtained from Walmart

Rain Design mStand Notebook Stand, $39

This may also be something you don’t think you need, I thought the same. It not only lifts your laptop to eye level but I love using it to place my notebooks and agendas too. My neck has never thanked me so much before, no more hunching over ladies and gentlemen!

photo obtained from Urban Outfitters

SAD Therapy Lamp, $100

Sometimes we have those days where we just feel a little blue. Whether it’s becaus you’re couped in the house during this pandemic or just feeling a little down. This light therapy lamp will do wonders for those days because it instantly boosts your mood. I know I sound ridiculous but have I ever done you wrong? Give it a try, it surely lifted my spirits on those off days.



Featured Image obtained from World Market