A good hair day means more when you are fighting cancer. That is why in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, retailer JCPenney has partnered with nonprofit organization HairToStay and will donate $50,000 to help fund hair-preserving, scalp-cooling treatments for low-income cancer patients going through chemotherapy. HairToStay is the first and only nonprofit organization helping cancer patients undergoing treatment in the U.S. afford scalp cooling, a treatment that can dramatically reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Although it’s been successfully used in Europe, scalp cooling is a relatively new solution in the U.S. that is only just beginning to be covered by public and private insurance.

Cooling the scalp is thought to prevent hair loss by affecting two cellular processes: first, blood flow to hair follicle cells is reduced, therefore exposing them to fewer chemotherapy medications, and second, the rate of cellular metabolism is slowed, thereby reducing the effect of whatever chemo medication is present. Hair loss is one of the most heartbreaking parts of cancer, and by supporting HairToStay, JCPenney hopes to aid in transforming the cancer journey for a patient going through chemotherapy treatment.

In building on JCPenney Beauty’s commitment to making everyone feel beautiful, JCPenney Beauty is also committed to providing education about HairToStay and fundraising initiatives for customers, associates, and JCPenney Salon stylists. We had the opportunity to chat with Jo Osborne, Senior Executive GMM Beauty at JCPenney, about the partnership with HairToStay and the considerable impact being made nationwide. Keep reading for the highlights from our chat!

Why does the partnership with HairToStay resonate with JCPenney?

JCPenney Beauty is committed to helping everyone feel and look beautiful and is proud to support customers during their time of need. At JCPenney Salon, clients often have a personal relationship with their stylist, and there have been several instances of clients calling them for a “chemo cut” in preparation for hair loss during chemotherapy. Through our partnership with HairToStay, JCPenney can now better assist and educate both its customers and associates on treatment options to help preserve patients’ hair, allowing them to enjoy life’s moments and still feel like themselves, even during hard times.

What is the importance of customer and employee participation in HairToStay education?

JCPenney is committed to supporting initiatives that matter to its associates and customers. When our Director of Salon Operations and Communication, Lori Chumley, discovered HairToStay she connected with the organization’s mission on a personal level as a breast cancer survivor herself. We knew that generating awareness and providing education on HairToStay and its scalp-cooling technology could make a difference in the lives of low-income cancer patients, and also in the lives of our associates and customers going through treatment. Our associates and stylists have rallied behind this cause by providing donations of their activity funds to HairToStay.

What type of impact will this partnership have on communities nationwide?

The partnership with HairToStay and JCPenney is rooted in JCPenney Beauty’s mission to empower women to feel beautiful and good about themselves, even in trying times. JCPenney’s $50,000 donation to HairToStay will help fund hair-preserving, scalp-cooling treatments for low-income cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Additionally, as one of the largest full-service retail salons in the country, JCPenney Salon will use its platform to further education and fundraising efforts for HairToStay.

For more information on JCPenney’s partnership with HairToStay or to make a donation, visit JCPenney’s donation page at or head into your nearest JCPenney store.