They want to be you and will go out of their way to make you look crazy.

Jealous people are everywhere. They act mean and angry towards you because your life upsets them. Your success and accomplishments, no matter how small or big, upset them. So, they go out of their way to hide this ugly behavior by engaging you and those you love in conflict. They seek to get you “out of character” when others are watching because it helps to validate the lies they have told to others about you behind your back.

They are the ones with the problems that’s for damn sure. Who do you think you are accomplishing anything? This is how a jealous person walks around feeling. These people are out of their mind. You find them on your job, in your family, in your inner circle, and living next door to you. The more you try to figure out what you may have done to them, the more they target you and act up.

Your mere existence affects their day and mood. They will never accept the fact that the problem is them and not you. They need someone other than themselves to blame for their failures. They will pick a fight just to get you “talking crazy” to them, so that they can sit back and be the victim. They want the world to see how you talk to them and hate you just because that’s how they feel.

I know it is difficult to keep your peace and not go off on someone. However, when you see the deck and hand that they are playing with, the jealous card, you already know you’ve won. Sit back, smile, and watch them lose their mind trying to get you to act out of character and ruin your reputation. All because of their jealousy and insecurities. You will never get through to a jealous person no matter how much you include them in your life because they have made up their minds to not like you. This is a blessing in disguise for you, believe it or not. They are like gnats if not mosquitoes, always coming around you to see what you have going on so that they can irritate, aggravate, and be a nuisance. They are simply annoying and “broke-down” individuals who have no life. I know I am being hard on jealous people, but I have had my fair share of these blood sucking mosquitoes, seeking to get me out of character because of their insecurities for a long time.

If these people are in your family stay away from them. It’s very easy to not go around certain family members, if you know they will be there. If they are in your inner circle, it’s time to clean house. Not everyone is your friend, no matter how long they have been hanging around. If you have them on your job, it is time to say very little and focus on working , then going home. If they are in your neighborhood, well… depending on what they are trying to do, you may have to get the police involved to send the message —leave me the blink alone. Yes, I have done them all and have found peace in the process.

When it has to do with your neighbor and they don’t respect your property and space even after asking them nicely, it is clear there is a breakdown in communication. Someone wants confrontation; don’t give it to them. In some situations, especially when it comes to your home, jealous people want to act up and out. Just get the authorities involved. In most cases, they back down quickly especially if you have security cameras around your property.

Always remember that you have the power and control over your behavior and actions. Never allow a weak person to get you to act “out of character”. Because when you do, you will be putting a smile on their face, and they will never stop targeting you. Take the high road and walk away; they are not worth it. Your peace of mind should be protected at all times. And don’t forget to smile. The more you smile, the angrier they become. Remember they want to be you by any means even if they have to lie, be nasty, and compete with you. Ignoring them makes them mad, but gives you peace of mind. The only medicine for a jealous person is to not acknowledge their existence.