A new addition to the Black excellence raid on pop-culture media and entertainment has arrived!

Award-winning journalists, storyteller, and former host of ESPN’s His and Hers, Jemele Hill is launching a popping new series called, The Unbothered Network in collaboration with Spotify, Hill and her production company Lodge Freeway Media.

With a name inspired by Hill’s hit series, Jemele Hill Is Unbothered, (which will premiere its third season on June 28th) the network will not only be run by Black women, but will feature the voices, lifestyles, and stories of Black women.

Hill is using her platform to create a safe, conversational, and intimate environment for Black women to feel empowered, and we are here for it! Hill told Essence in an exclusive interview, “The Unbothered Network is more than just a content hub, it’s a space where Black women can hopefully see their full selves.”

Christina M. Tapper, former deputy editor of Medium Zora and producer of Rich Boerner, is another executive who will be collaborating with The Unbothered Network. Tapper will serve as executive producer and head of content, while Boerner will be the head of production.

Stay tuned for the premiere of The Unbothered Network, coming to your home soon!