R&B artist & Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jermaine Elliott releases his latest masterpiece project, “S2D2, Vol 2”,” out now. Download & Stream here. 

This six-track collection of R&B tracks reaffirms his position in the music world after a notable two-year hiatus. Building on the foundation laid by the first volume of Something 2 Drive 2, this new EP offers listeners a deep dive into the soulful soundscapes and lyrical depth that have defined Elliott’s career.

The beauty of S2D2, Vol 2, lies in its collaborative spirit. Elliott has brought together a stellar lineup of contributors, including Dee Gatti, Allen Ritter, dF, Sprngbrk (A1), Jesiah Cherry, and Fabio Alonso. Each artist adds their unique flavor to the mix, creating a musical experience that is rich, diverse, and truly one-of-a-kind. 

The lead single, Used 2 Be, is a perfect example of this, blending their talents to touch on the complex emotions of past relationships.

As you delve deeper into the EP, you’ll discover standout tracks such as Secure, co-produced by Allen Ritter and featuring a captivating music video directed by Dan Lemoyne. But it’s not just about the music; it’s about the stories behind them. 

With Summers Over, for instance, showcases Elliott’s knack for crafting relatable narratives. On Irrational Interlude features a dynamic collaboration with Dee Gatti and Jermaine’s talented son, 12-year-old Jesiah Cherry, adding a personal touch that resonates with listeners.

S2D2, Vol 2 is not just an EP; it’s a movement towards reviving the essence of R&B. With Timeless music as its backbone, this project is tailored for the R&B Music Enthusiast seeking not just songs but experiences woven into melodies. Elliott has truly outdone himself, offering something unique to drive to, vibe to, and ultimately, live to.

S2D2, Vol 2 is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. Join Jermaine Elliott in celebrating the revival of feel-good music and immerse yourself in the sound of tomorrow, rooted in the timeless appeal of R&B.



Whether it’s the smooth vocals that slide over soulful melodies that rival today’s Trap&B style of music or the lyrical concepts that dive beyond the surface and into more substantial storytelling that can be both heard and felt with every track, it’s clear that the multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer is a musical anomaly. He’s bringing a fresh sound that R&B lovers have been asking for.

Growing up, Elliott would often sing in his high school talent shows and perform with his dance crew, showcasing multifaceted abilities not too dissimilar to his muse, the legendary Michael Jackson. Beyond his teenage years, Elliott continued to explore his musical style. Blending melodic sounds inspired by the harmonies of R&B artists such as Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson with the lyrical flow and swag of the hip hop music, the New York native found a sound that he could call his own. 

In 2015, he began independently releasing a collective of singles on SoundCloud and YouTube, attracting a large fan base that has since catapulted his SoundCloud to over 2 million streams and put him on the radar of major media outlets such as The Source,, and Karen Civil. In addition, his talents have led to significant collaborations with artists such as H.E.R., Tory Lanez, and Dani Leigh and to the stages of music festivals such as the SXSW 2017 Festival. In 2018, Jermaine released his hit single “411”, gaining plays on large-scale radio airwaves such as Beat 1 Radio, Power 105.1 FM (NY), Hot 97, Power 106 FM (LA), BBC Radio UK, Joe Budden Podcast, and Sirius XM Radio.

A talented and gifted artist and a force to be reckoned with, Jermaine is proving that he’s a man without limitations and one you won’t want to take your eyes off.

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“Secure” Music Video

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