The powerful and inspiring book “Doors Opening, Opening Doors: The Life and Lessons of Jerome Dorn,” written by Adina T. Laver with Lisa Fair Pliskin, is uplifting, inspiring and ‘life-changing!’

A tale of triumph and trauma, generosity and humility, the story of Jerome Dorn speaks to what it means to be human and to live fully. As tempting as it is to try and fit a person’s life into a neatly shaped box, this memoir reveals why even a well-defined narrative of a person is still incomplete. No one is just one thing. Our lives are complex and who we are is continually evolving.

His memoir chronicles the circuitous path of a young man from the streets of North Philadelphia, through the jungle of Vietnam, to the briefing room of the Obama White House and beyond.

Dorn’s fascinating journey proves that one never knows where life will take you.

Jerome, Please tell our SHEEN readers more about your book.

The story of Jerome Dorn’s life is a tale worth sharing for many reasons. Jerome is an interesting man who has lived an uncommon life. He learned many lessons, some the hard way, but he has come through it all, humbled by the opportunities he has been given and intentional in his attempt to pay it forward. But, the most important reason he chose to share the intimate details of his life was because of the potential it has for his children, grandchildren, and future generations to know him and understand where they come from.

No child becomes who they are in isolation from the family and ancestors that came before them. The more we learn about our past, the more rooted and clear we can become about who we are and the life we are meant to live. It is a sincere hope that this memoir will inspire the sharing and documenting of family stories and ancestral history for the benefit this brings for everyone who

is touched in the process.

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Photos and images courtesy of Jerome Don