It’s no secret that a lot of us reach for our phones first thing in the morning to check bank accounts and content. In fact most of us watch social media more now than television. How’s that possibly you ask? Simple. Content. Recently SHEEN had the pleasure of chatting with one of today’s top content creator’s, and she put it all out there for us. 

SHEEN:  First and foremost, what made you chose to get in to the world of entertainment?

Jerrilyn: I’ve always had a passion for making people laugh. I was definitely a class clown growing up!

SHEEN: You’re a very positive upbeat person and we love to see it, but what are some of the obstacles you’ve faced on this journey and how did you navigate through them?

Jerrilyn: Just having to be consistent even when you don’t know what the goal is. A lot of days, I woke up feeling discouraged because it wasn’t happening for me as fast as I thought it should. I had to learn how to persevere and always believe in the vision God gave me.

SHEEN: Do you at times feel pressured to keep putting out content and music and when that happens, what steps do you take to overcome that?

Jerrilyn: There is always pressure to produce, but I don’t let that make me imbalanced. I work because I have to. And I rest when I need to. I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying to compete with others either.

SHEEN: So tons of celebs, influencers, or entertainers get in a mode where they aren’t cautious of what’s put out there in front of our youth, what’s your take on that?

Jerrilyn: While I can’t control what people see and do, or how they feel about my content, I do feel like I have a sense of responsibility to inspire and uplift. My content is never intended to harm, so as long as my intentions are pure, I don’t worry about the rest.

SHEEN: Not only are you talented, but your fashionable as well. Who inspires your styles?

Jerrilyn: LOL I don’t think I’m fashionable at all! But I do like to get dolled up every now and then. I’m not really inspired by anyone when it comes to fashion. I simply wear what I think looks good and what makes me feel comfortable.

SHEEN: Who are your top three comedians/ singers?

Jerrilyn: I love KEVONSTAGE! I’m a huge fan of Beyonce! I also love Jazmine Sullivan.

SHEEN: If you could give advice to your 16 year old self what would it be? 

Jerrilyn: Girl, don’t worry about these men. Go get some money! LOL

SHEEN:  What can we expect from you in the near future?

Jerrilyn: New music and some acting roles hopefully. I can’t wait to take on all the new projects and continue inspiring the people who pour into me every day!

Well we certainly look forward to seeing more of this multi talented young lady. Make sure to follow her on IG at @indeskribeabull .