Jessica Kidd is a beauty boss who is building her empire. Jessica Kidd began her journey in the hair industry at the young age of 19. As a child Jessica was always intrigued by the women in her life who were seamstresses and beauticians, where she believes her passion for beauty and fashion developed. Upon her high school graduation, Jessica had completed all requirements, and was an eligible candidate for a Cosmetology license. She received her Cosmetology License a year later in 2004. Jessica graduated from Morgan State University, with a degree in Public Relations, in 2009. She uses P.R. to explore the fields of beauty and to its fullest potential, while applying key public relations principles and practices.

How did you get your start in the beauty industry? 

I got started in the beauty industry while in high school, so almost 20 years ago I began this journey. I was always intrigued by the women in my life who were seamstresses and beauticians so decided to go to a trade school during high school for Cosmetology. I received my cosmetology license a year after graduating and the rest is history!

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to work in the beauty industry?

My best advice would be to figure out what the industry needs and try to fulfill that need. Make sure beauty is truly a passion of yours and let that drive you because the money will come later. Identify your why! Make sure it’s something that’s solid. Your why keeps you going on your tough days. 

What inspired you to create a hair care line?

I noticed after I would do my client’s hair I would recommend products to maintain their style that they had to go to the neighborhood beauty supply to get. I was like wait! Why don’t I have this available for retail? And why don’t the retail products have my name across the front of it? So I began my research and found a company that could manufacture the products I wanted to offer with the ingredients that would keep my clients hair looking bomb and healthy. I believe this was when I began to look at House Of Bombshell as a brand and not just a place to get your hair done.

photo by Shalia Watts, Whats Grit

How did you get into creating apparel for your brand? 

So after creating products and realizing I was starting a brand, I wanted clients to be able to wear a tee or sweatshirt and feel like a Bombshell too! It was a way that they could represent their beloved salon home and promote the brand at the same time. I added hats for “bad hair days” and duffle bags to carry all of their bomb items. House Of Bombshell was growing into a lifestyle and I wanted every woman to feel bomb AF in her merch!

What inspired you to create Black Colorists Matter? 

As a full-time hairstylist with a specialty in hair color, I would tag hair companies and brands that I used often in my posts with hardly any response from them, however my Caucasian peers were posted daily. There was absolutely no diversity across their pages, so I decided to create a platform for us, by us! A place where our artistry is appreciated and our work is celebrated. It has become a place where Black Colorists can network and engage in conversation about the industry. I aim for it to grow into an online educational platform to improve & advance the technical skill of Black colorists.

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Featured Image by Antwon Maxwell Photography