Jessica Oyelowo, a celebrated TV & film producer, actress, singer, songwriter, and the beloved spouse of award-winning actor, David Oyelowo (“Selma”), and mother of four is celebrating, honoring, and recognizing all moms for Mother’s Day with a new song, “Thank You,” “Thank you” is one of 12 songs featured on her forthcoming, (M)other – The Album, and has been called a perfect blend of heartfelt lyrics and soulful sound.
If you’re looking for the right words to say I love you to your own mother, “Thank You” is the perfect song! Originally written as a thank you to her own mom, Sandra Watson, the song’s lyrics say it all! “I wanna say thank you for everything you are to me. How many ways can I thank you cause I’ll say it eternally. All the cards and all the money will never be enough. With all that I am I thank you! I love you and I love the way that you love me.”
This entire album, (M)other, celebrates motherhood and will resonate with parents and anyone who appreciates the beauty of unconditional love. “Being loved and loving is the ultimate center of everything I do. This song and album is a testament to the powerful bond between mothers and their children. Ultimately, I want women to be respected, honored, and empowered.”
Please visit her YouTube Channel and listen to the songs (M)other: The Album and share it with the mothers in your life! Celebrate (m)otherhood year-round!

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Photo Credits: Kate Borchert