When I think of custom made or custom bling for the culture, I see Jessica. What an incredible time it was to speak with the designer J.D. Stones on and off camera about her business, her goals, and how she has conquered lifes highs and lows. Her humble and sweet spirit made it easy to talk about her success, her designs and how much she’s put into what she does. Her knowledge creativity and advice made listening easy and I am truly excited for you all to see what she shared. Bunnies with Diamonds for the girls and boys, you can find her on instagram at J.D. Stones, her facebook is J.D. Stones and youtube at J.D. Stones. Make sure to check out her instrumental on Apple Music and Spotify as well; if you haven’t guessed the name, it’s J.D. Stones.

After interviewing with Jessica, she left a message for her fans:
For those who may not know, Jessica lost her fiance the night before her wedding; a year and a half later she lost her mother. Although these were difficult times for her, we have watched her perservere and what she shared for those listening was much needed; myself included. When we lose someone we love, they don’t want you to die with them. Some of us get stuck because we’re shocked, some may not know how to move on or the pain seems unbearable, but you have to move on. You may cry, some go through depression but you can’t stay there. You have to keep going for your kids if you have children and even those who depend on you. Do things that you love that will push you, if its reading, drawing, writing, working out, what ever it maybe do it. You just have to keep going.
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