“Puerto Plata is the gem of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. While most people tend to be drawn to the southern parts which are also beautiful, the north coast offers mountains and beach life. Don’t get me wrong we turn up and have fun as well, but we actually are a relaxing area on the island where people really prioritize the quality of life. The Food and experience all in one are why people enjoy our services. Here with Lavish Elite Luxury Vacations, we take that quality of life seriously, leaving you wanting to stay for more”. – Anthony Malone

With the pandemic nearly behind us, the earth is now open, and people are back in the friendly skies. As North America’s neighbor, the Caribbean serves as a great gateway to get away and enjoy serene sites and solitude from the noise of everyday life. However as much as island life is beautiful, the enjoyment of your vacation also depends on where you stay during your vacation. Nothing is worse than a bad hotel or AIRBNB stay while you are simply just trying to escape. One of the islands that is frequently visited is the Dominican Republic. From cruising ports to private jets, the Dominican Republic give you’re the experience of a lifetime.

“When you come to on our properties, we want to give you an experience. From the time you enter until it’s time for you leave, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you feel good. We are unlike any other vacation spot on the island, and I know that, that might sound a bit odd to say but we honestly are the best at what we do. The funny thing is most people rarely hear about what Puerto Plata as a whole has to offer so, when they come, we give them the wow factor from the chefs and the food that they prepare right in the kitchen, to the atmosphere, to the décor, to the excursions on the island and even the pampering the day before you leave, we give you the ultimate in Luxury vacation.”

One of the main sources of income for the Caribbean is, Tourism. Due to the pandemic, tourism took a major hit as everything was shut down and traveling was the last thing on people’s mind. Malone says that despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought, they have been able to navigate their business in a positive direction and are still optimistic that as people began to travel, their properties will be one of the destinations that people flock to.

“Like many businesses in the Caribbean during the pandemic, we experienced some hardships. However, we have been able to bounce back and still give our customers the same quality service that they have been accustomed too and even better. Our hope is that as the world continues to open and people become more comfortable travelling, that they explore new places and come to see what they North Coast has to offer, and we will be ready to service them in luxury and style”.

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