Los Angeles, CA (June 05, 2023) – Sleep Soul, a fresh R&B-inspired take on the traditional baby sleep music genre presented by Jhené Aiko, reveals its latest installment Sleep Soul: Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music (Vol. 3). Listen to the new project – HERE.

Curated by Jhené, Sleep Soul: Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music (Vol. 3) encompasses 20 soothing tunes crafted to inspire and maintain a good night’s sleep. Vibrant R&B melodies melt into downtempo rhythms encased in warm synths tailored to receptive young ears. “Sleepy Bear Soothing Serenade” opens the album with mesmerizing echoes and ambient rain sounds across a soft soundscape. “R&B Lullaby Dreams” and “Counting Sheep With Brown Noise” pacify and precipitate rest. Finally, “Sweet Dreams With Sleepy” provides a delicate conclusion to the evening with a gentle twinkling piano melody.

About this iteration of Sleep Soul, Jhené commented, “Partnering with Sleep Soul has been an amazing experience and I’m beyond excited to present our latest project Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music Vol. 3. It’s been wonderful to see the music resonating and all the positive feedback and support from parents on how much the music has helped them and their babies get much needed rest as premium sleep is essential to wellness for parents and their little ones. Sleep Soul is an ever-evolving project where we strive to continue finding new ways to help diversify the baby sleep music genre for parents, and I look forward to continuing the journey with you all.”

Photo Credits: Renee Rodriguez

Expanding the vision yet again, Sleep Soul has introduced a merchandise store with premium infant clothing. The release consists of a baby beanie, onesie, and Sleepy The Bear plushie that gently plays Sleep Soul Vol. 3 album from a hidden speaker inside. Check out the full store – HERE.

Meanwhile, Sleep Soul recently released physical CD copies of Sleep Soul Volume 2 at Target Retailers across the nation.

Sleep Soul Volume 2 has achieved widespread success since being released in December 2022. It has amassed 30 million global streams and counting, while also inciting applause from That Grape Juice,Vibe, and ThisIsRnB, among others. The latter noted, “The melodies, beat, and instrumentation of the songs have the Jhené Aiko sound and feel from the instrumentation, rhythm, and beats. You’ll almost forget these are lullabies.”

Stay tuned for more to come from Sleep Soul.