The Chi Season 6 Part 2 has officially commenced, and fans are at the edge of their seats. Based in Chicago, the series serves as a coming-of-age story focused on a group of locals who come together by coincidence, but end up bonding as the need for connection and redemption arises.

Insert Jill Marie Jones, who guess stars as the character Bianca: a business owner with an evocative past and shady clientele. Other cast members include Luke James, Jacob Latimore, Lynn Whitfield, Kadeem Hardison, Leon Robinson, Brett Gray, and Daniel J. Watts.

You may recognize Jones from her standout role as Toni Childs in the sitcom Girlfriends, alongside hit shows such as Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Ash vs Evil Dead, Monogamy, The Neighborhood, and Black-ish.

Sheen had the pleasure of chatting with Jill Marie Jones about the new season and her beauty go-to’s.


The new season has officially kicked off. What’re you most excited for?

My goodness, I’m most excited about the fans actually. Because one, I was a fan of the show. I joined Season 6, which is where we are. Seeing this the evolution of the show and knowing the fans are just so die-hard, it is explosive. They’re going to be so excited and happy with what’s coming, so I’m most excited about the fans.


What was your favorite moment from filming this season?

Listen, Curtiss Cook that plays Douda, he’s such a brilliant actor. When you have the opportunity to work alongside dynamos in this industry, you learn so much. So I’ve enjoyed myself. 


How did you prepare for your character Bianca? 

You know what, my path, I love complex characters clearly. Women who are complex. She’s a badass. She’s fierce. She’s sophisticated, but she’s also a hustler. She’s sophisticated, but she knows the streets. Just all good stuff, and the writing is so incredible on The Chi. By the way, top to bottom: the cast, the crew, everybody — I’m loving being a part of this family. 


What is the vibe with Luke James and Jacob Latimore?

It’s beautiful. Listen, the entire cast, everybody’s top notch. I guess young people say chef’s kiss? Yes, they’re amazing. This entire cast and crew, everybody, top to bottom everybody’s fantastic.


How was it having Lala Anthony and Kandi Burress on set?

Kandi, I’ve worked with her. But Lala Anthony, I haven’t worked with her. She’s incredible. She’s beautiful. She’s amazing. Kandi is incredible, beautiful, amazing as well. Such a boss, in life and on the show as well. Incredible.


What are your beauty go-to’s?

This is going to be the part where you probably won’t like me that much because it’s not that great. My mom washed her face with Dove soap, and I wash my face with Dove soap. It’s not that fancy is what I’m trying to say. I love Carmex, the lip balm. That’s always in my bag. I get it, I don’t really have a lot of the ooh la la stuff. I don’t really wear makeup, unless I’m working. I’ll put on cold water throughout the day, because I don’t have any makeup on. I just have on moisturizer. I’m telling you, the real stuff really does keep it neat. Old school stuff really does do the job. Sometimes the fancier things make it more problematic, for me. Maybe not for everybody, but I keep it old school.


I know Mother’s Day just passed. How proud would your mom be of you today?

I think that she’s very proud of me, because my mother is the reason why I am who I am. My mother was a federal investigator, I say “was” because my mother just passed. She was the living breathing example of what a strong black woman is, so I know she’s proud.


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Photo Credit: Marcus Smith/Paramount+ with Showtime