1. Be fearless.
  2. Never let anyone or anything dim your light.
  3. Always believe in yourself and be happy being yourself.
  4. Keep being yourself – you are enough.
  5. Be selective. Protect your time. Not everything and everyone that calls your name is for you.
  6. Keep growing and evolving, whether or not others understand, acknowledge or embrace – just keep living to be your new best self.
  7. You don’t have to stay the same in life. If people have to get to know you again, let them do that.
  8. Embrace change.
  9. Always find your best light and shine from the inside out – live your best life, it’s yours – don’t let the world get you down.
  10. Don’t wait on approval, validation and likes from others – always give yourself the highest of approval ratings and work from there. Hold your head up and be fabulous no matter what.

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