Galactic imagery fits the extended play well, both in terms of pattern and randomness. Johnel tackles a variety of genres, each with their own distinctive features. Yet, despite his clear nods to genre conventions, his music is interspersed with the unexpected. Whether this be influenced from the street noise, saxophone samples, organ or even dubstep, Johnel’s extended play welcomes the disruption, or relocation, of form.

“H20” is the opening track of The Galactic Theme, a solo extended play including seven tracks. Johnel’s dynamic drifting between genres at first feels hectic, but his simple, universal lyrics make sure we can always engage with the music. Whether in London, Lagos or New York, Johnel feels those most-human of emotions: heartache, isolation, pressure to conform, but refuses to be shackled by them. Instead, we are invited on his geographical and psychological journey, and encouraged to embrace the turbulence.

Galactic Theme was released under Nnamani Music Group, a subsidiary of the American ONE Revolution People’s Music (ONErpm). The album artwork, which has Johnel levitating in a future environment to the sunny sky while others watch carefully, wonderfully captures the idea of the long play’s title ‘Galactic Theme’.

Photo Credit: Johnel