Renowned R&B virtuoso Josh X unveils his latest mesmerizing music video for his soul-stirring track, “Breathe.” Directed by Dream Team Digital, the “Breathe” music video against a backdrop of stunning visuals and cinematic landscapes of the tropics. Watch as Josh takes listeners on an emotional journey.

The video has Josh riding around the town with a beautiful woman. She eventually gets captured by hitmen, and Josh saves the woman from the hitmen. Throughout the video, Josh X tells us a love letter about how his affection runs deep.

He sings about how his partner reflects himself, and right when she’s gone, he’ll “be calling, baby, come back here.” Josh X sings about his commitment to keeping his act right and his passionate bond going as she helps him find a way when he’s down. Josh’s actions reflect those lyrics as he does whatever he can to save the woman in the video.

This song type comes naturally to Josh, as he’s said in the Miami Herald, “My creative side often delves into the intricacies of human connection, expressing the nuances and emotions associated with love in its various forms.”

“Breathe” is now available on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on Josh X’s latest releases and upcoming projects, follow him @joshxantus.