Joshua Grady is becoming well-known in the sports world. As the youngest NFL agent to represent a top 40 pick in this year’s draft, he is currently the founder and CEO of Grady Sports Agency in addition to being an NFL agent. Joshua’s unwavering perseverance motivates and enables his supporters, demonstrating to them the value of diligence and independence. With great pleasure, we at Sheen Magazine present Joshua’s journey in this exclusive interview. We spoke with him to hear about his experiences as an NFL agent and CEO in the sports business.
Let’s discuss what motivated you to start. Grady Sports Agency: How did it come about?
Growing up playing football in college, going to the SEC championship game, and having my father’s backing as well as the mentorship of Eugene Parker, an agent who previously represented Deion Sanders. Seeing him in these settings inspired me to become my own boss and purposefully design an environment that gives clients and their families a platform to develop success and wealth outside of the game—something that will endure long after they stop playing. 
What are your hopes for the future in your business endeavors? 
My objective is to broaden my clientele and pursue interests outside of football. I want to represent clients that play soccer , the WNBA, and more. My goal is for Grady Sports Agency to be recognized as the top agency offering value to its clients.   
What are some of your proudest life accomplishments and aspirations that you have fulfilled so far? 
Earning a 3.0 GPA from Vanderbilt, one of the top 20 universities; pledging Kappa Alpha Psi; and developing the agency to its current state. 
What advice do you have for future and current sports agents? 
Play the long game that my mother invariably installs. It is all about winning in the end. I go by the quote that the turtle starts slow, but the rabbit comes in last. In today’s society, everyone wants instant success. I believe it’s about keeping a long-term vision. 
Working as a sports agent and negotiating deals, how has this shaped your respect for the NFL?
You must comprehend the contracts better because they are far more complex than what the general public is aware of due to the numerous elements and aspects. Learning to be patient and waiting for the best deal rather than taking the first offer that comes up. You have to have a true knowledge base and comprehension of the negotiating process. 
Have you always known you wanted to be an NFL agent? Did you have any concerns about the fast lifestyle that it could come with? 
It wasn’t until I met Eugene that I realized my dream was to become an NFL agent. After speaking with him, I would say the seeds were sown that eventually led to my own NFL agent status. In terms of lifestyle, sure, I travel frequently and attend games, but since I’m married and have two kids, I lead a slow life. As the CEO of my own company, I enjoy the luxury of setting my own schedule. 
What is something that’s kept you motivated on a daily basis? 
You know, there was a time when I had a coach who asked each person at the table what they wanted to be. I shared that I wanted to be an NFL agent, and he responded “you’re never going to be that.” That gave me the drive to disprove him. In addition, God’s desire for me to change people’s lives inspires me, and last but not least, my family. I am aware that my family is depending on me to make something happen.
Where do you see yourself in the next two to five years? 
In terms of comparison to my colleagues, I would like my business to be recognized worldwide as offering the best value per customer, rather than just being the exclusive provider of draft picks and contract negotiations. At my organization, I want everyone to develop and flourish. 

Do you have a life motto you’d like to share to inspire our readers?
It takes what it takes. What this means is that sometimes you have to start from humble beginnings until you are where you want to be. It’s a process. A hungry dog runs faster.  
Where can our readers find you on social media platforms? 
 IG: @gradysports @agentgrady_
Are there any final thoughts or encouraging words you would like to leave with our readers?
For anyone who needs encouragement, believe in God; He is good.
Photo Credit: Grady Sports Agency