Everyone knows and loves Sunday’s Best winner, Joshua Rogers for his soulful, powerful voice. He made history when he won the popular competition series, garnering the winning spot as the youngest to hold this incredible honor. Since his win, he’s released countless singles that not only empower his listeners, but inspire them that God is with them every step of the way. With his latest single release, “Still Gon’ Trust,” he’s continuing to do what he does best and that’s make music, while touching the lives of others. We had the chance to sit down with Rogers for an exclusive interview, where we discussed his new single, his experience on Sunday’s Best, and much more!

Tell us about your experience on BET’s Sunday Best.

Well, Sunday Best – first and foremost, was just an awesome opportunity. I got the chance to sit under artists that I’ve watched and admired for a long time. It gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things as far as vocalizing and stage and performance presence. I had no advice or education on that before, so it was a dope experience. I made a lot of great friends. It was an experience I will never forget. It was the start of my entire music career so I will be forever grateful.

What inspired the single “Still Gon’ Trust”?

“Still Gon’ Trust” came out of all of our struggles during 2020. So many people lost loved ones, homes, and many things valuable to them. People lost so much, not even counting how many people had to deal with COVID themselves. 2020 was a rough year, I had so many people close to me who were really struggling mentally and emotionally. One of my favorite singers is Aretha Franklin. A quote from her that I’ve always enjoyed and tried to apply as an artist. She said as an artist, our responsibility is to speak to the times and encourage our listeners during times such as these. With that being said, I had to go through a (laughs) very intricate lesson during 2020. I had to trust God more on my own personal journey. I really wanted to reach people, encourage them, and let them know that there is still hope. There is still joy, we can’t stay stuck in what we’re in. Trust God to continue to carry us through. This song is an incredible piece of work. I believe this song is a reminder that God is still in control, and He has the power to heal you, rest you, or whatever you need.

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How would you describe being an artist during this time of COVID-19?

(Laughs). It has been interesting to say the least. Work has been a little shifted with COVID. It is picking back up and I am grateful that God has allowed my name to be on people’s hearts and minds. It’s awesome to get back out there and on the road. I love this and I enjoy doing it. It’s been interesting, but I’m grateful to still have the ability to be mobile and work. The world is not the same.

What are you working on now and what can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2021?

Wow, a couple different things. I’m working on an upcoming album – which “Still Gon’ Trust” will be featured on as well. I have just recently moved to Missouri, so I am a music minister out here now and that is going really awesome. Of course, I’m gearing up to relaunch Teachable Moments. I had the opportunity over the year 2020 to be a part of a movie that will be releasing November 19th. I have a few exciting things; I am finishing up a personal book. Though it has been a struggle to release it to the world, I am excited to open up to everyone. I have been working with underprivileged children and/or fatherless children, which are both subjects that I can personally relate with. It’s always been my desire to give back to that demographic of children. I’m working on a foundation to do some work with schools and begin the process of doing so.

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