Jourdin Pauline is a whole mood… and we can’t get enough! Whether you’re stumbling upon her Instagram page or her music, the singer-songwriter exudes nothing but undeniable beauty from the inside out. Representing for her Guyanese roots any chance she can, Jourdin creates heartfelt ballads that audiences all around the world can relate to, with catchy hooks and melodies that immediately draw you in.

On Friday, August 6th, Jourdin performed a private showcase with her team at Purple Agency, doing a full dress rehearsal at Sir Studios on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. Taking place in the middle of the day at 3pm, Jourdin brought all the energy: rocking a hot pink jumpsuit with sparkles glistening down both sleeves. Pairing it with her long blonde hair and black booties, the R&B songstress was excited as ever to be performing songs off her most recent EP, Love Songs About Nobody.

With two back-up dancers on stage, Jourdin was busting out all the dance moves for songs like “Freak,” “Toxic,” and fan-favorite “Nasty.” She also took the time to remind us that she’s been making music since 4 years old, entertaining the masses for nearly her entire life. Her puppy @watchypoo was in attendance, alongside her team.

Featured Image by Sharon Marrero