We were first introduced to Brooklyn-raised music sensation, Juanialys on the Apollo stage in the production Showtime at The Apollo. Then, at just 16-years-old, she captured so many people’s hearts as her true passion for music showcased on the stage. More recently, Juanialys is preparing to release three singles this summer while also working on her social wellness organization Scarz Only. We had the chance to speak with her to discuss all the details of the organization, her passion for mental health, and so much more!

Tell us about your wellness organization Scarz Only.

Scarz Only is a wellness organization I have created in hopes to give my supporters and community a safe place where they can authentically and freely be themselves. A space where we support everyone’s healing journey no matter what it looks like. If more of us were less afraid to be transparent and open with our daily struggles and internal Scarz we’ve received through life’s experiences we’d quickly realize how similar many of our paths truly are than different. I truly believe that companionship is needed when getting through life, we’re not meant to do things on our own. That’s so boring and lonely! My wellness organization is a family that welcomes all those who are looking for new and healthy ways to shake their life up a bit! Through music, Worship, prayer, journaling, yoga, meditation and more we discover together what it means to truly live and not just survive. 

Why would you say you are so passionate about mental health and empowering others? 

I’m passionate about mental health and empowering others because … well I too struggle with these difficulties of life daily. I’m not perfect and in fact a lot of what I preach to others is sometimes what I need to hear myself. I want to be apart of the vulnerable voices that aren’t afraid to share that! So others no they are not alone. Ive experienced depression, trauma, and have been through experiences that I can say have shaped me to be who I am today. I started to look Internally and using different coping methods to get myself out the “funk” I found tools and a deeper and powerful connection with spirit that led me to want to share “the secret” with others. It’s helped and saved me from my self many times and has brought me more joy and a fulfilling peace. Success starts with the mind and how we truly feel about our selves, if we invest In this honestly I feel like so many changes can start to really begin in our world because the people would be digging from the root of where it all begins. Self. 

What can we expect from the new singles you plan to release this summer? 

You guys can definitely expect some raw vulnerable lyrics in my music. The first song I  am releasing called heavy was written in a vulnerable state. I was sad and felt lost about a lot and in fact didn’t even know how to put it into words. However, that day I was able to vomit and open up about the feelings that dawned on me. I know many probably could relate so I wanted to start the summer off with that after the confusing life changing year we’ve had due to covid. Eventually before the summer ends I also would like to touch on my reggae obsession and incorporate it with my Spanish influence! I think that would be a fire single and I’m looking forward to making it happen. 

What are you currently working on? And what could we expect to see in 2021?

As of right now I’m currently working on my music and wellness organization. As an independent artist it’s fun and freeing being able to really have the ball In your court and call the shots. I’m planning my next releases for these upcoming months with some visuals to go with it so I’m very excited about that, you guys can expect the content honey! Also just focused and dedicated to figuring out all ways I can make my wellness organization what it should be. A safe place, an informative organization for those looking and willing to go down this healing journey with me. 

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