It is no secret that building a business or achieving success in one’s career requires overcoming a lot of challenges and obstacles, but Julius Juceno Williams is proof that there is nothing impossible for someone with a positive attitude who is set on pursuing their passion.

On top of being an entrepreneur, Juceno is also known as an actor, military veteran, motivational speaker, vlogger, and a well-loved media personality. He is committed to embracing possibilities for growth and continuous learning and is certain about the goals he wants to attain throughout his career.

Bringing together his inherent talent and a unique mindset when it comes to recognizing opportunities for success, Juceno has managed to establish ventures that allowed him to make a name and secure the most coveted spot in the fashion world. His clothing brand, Boogie Apparel, has successfully appealed to the taste of people from various parts of the world, including Germany, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, since it was launched. This accomplishment motivated Juceno to elevate his brand in the form of Boogie Luxury, which he intends to establish as the one of the few Black-owned international luxury brand that will offer high-quality accessories, bags, clothing, and footwear.

Out of all the goals he wants to achieve, one has always been the most significant fuel to Juceno’s efforts: to do a fashion show in New York and Paris one day. Despite it appearing to be a long road ahead, he puts emphasis on believing in the value of dreams even when they are still far from realization and encourages others to do the same.

“I want to inspire people to take the leap of faith and live their best life while following their passion. I want people to travel and see different cultures, meet people from different ethnicities,” Juceno explained.

Aside from Juceno’s incredible values when it comes to business, his passionate advocacy for the industry’s aspirants makes him even more admirable. He is now in the early stages of launching Dabuzzz Media Company, a platform where creatives can present their works and gain recognition. It is a digital media consultancy covering music, sports, pop, culture, and fashion.

“My ventures are guided by my passion for fashion, travel and media. They also provide me with an opportunity to help budding creators and give them a chance to showcase their work and get feedback,” Juceno sharedWhen asked what he can impart to hopeful entrepreneurs wishing to be successful in the industry, Juceno answered, “No matter where you come from, you can create whatever you put your mind to. Also, do not be afraid to venture into the unknown when it comes to business. This journey has been full of ups and downs, but sticking to the goal, I have reached goals and continue to strive to get better every day.”

In the months to come, more can be expected from Juceno as he continues to go all-out in his endeavor to propel his brand to the forefront of the fashion industry.