We’re back again! With the world opening back up and people starting to get vaccinated, it seems like everyone is looking for their summer soundtrack. It’s going to be a great vacation season and what better way to document your summer than to have some good music on deck? Whether you’re just hanging out with friends, connecting with family, hot girl summering, or just Viking with your fellas, let’s review some of the best music to touch your ears since March.

5. Pretty Summer Playlist by Saweetie

Sweetie has been all over media outlets in the past few months and now she is back with some new music for the ladies to have fun with this summer. Pretty Summer Playlist is something the ladies can ride out to when they’re hanging with friends, going to brunch, or becoming the next greatest TikToker. Let’s see if this album gives the streets the same feel as “My Type.”

Notable tracks: “Sweat Check,” “Pretty & Rich.”


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