You have more to offer than your body and your worth outweighs anything your eyes may see. Any man interested in you wants to know who you are mentally more than he does physically. Show yourself that you are not like anyone else because he really doesn’t matter. He’s just a reflection of who you see yourself to be inside in physical form. What do I mean by that? We only attract who we are outside from what we create inside. So, if you are a sex symbol within, you’ll attract men who see you this way; if you like to play games, you’ll attract players. If you ignore men because you like the attention and the chase, you’ll attract men who will put you second because it’s the way you treat you. Give yourself more so that you may have exactly what you’re looking for. Put your morals where your mouth is and carry yourself in a way that earns you the respect you want and when you walk in a room you’ll  demand that respect without asking. Check your ego at the door if you think respect will be given to you unearned based upon the way you look; it’s not a gift every woman possesses.  No, looks aren’t everything so don’t depend on them to get you what you want or where you want to go. Tap into what you want to be known for and what you are good at. Let people remember you for your brand and let that be what you create. Know that when you leave the room the conversation is positive and a reflection of what you want others to speak about you. Even if it’s not, that’s okay we can’t control everything, but you carried yourself in a way that allows leverage when you need to make demands for yourself. You control who surrounds you and who you entertain so make sure that what you’re doing is a reflection of what you want to be remembered for and that you can handle the conversations that will come.  Everybody can’t be Megan Thee Stallion so don’t put yourself in shoes that don’t fit you. Break the mold and be who you were created to be leaving a legacy you can be proud of just the same as Megan. Dare to be different as yourself and you’ll attract who’s meant to be with you.