Many fans of Kandi Burruss are in awe about how she gracefully does so many things. Not only is she a singer, songwriter, actress and reality star, but also has a recurring role on the popular series “The Chi.”

In a recent interview with HelloBeautiful, she discussed her role by explaining, “I wanted to do justice to Rosalyn. I wanted her to be dope. I wanted people to see me in this light of being an actress and really feeling like I have embodied the character. I’m not just a reality TV star who got a break.”

Let’s not stop there! Kandi is also breaking in the world of Broadway, which is often not as diverse as the music industry. “Broadway has been known as the great white way for a long time in past history? To have a show like this with all of us, you know, being a part of it, championing it. It has to be a success. It’ll be a win for not just us, but for the whole culture,” says Kandi.

What’s next for Kandi Burruss? Well, we have to sit back and watch!

Featured Image by Sterling Pics