Congratulations are in order!

NBA star, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the number one highest scorer in the history of the NBA, but you had to have known he’s an advocate beyond the basketball court. Abdul-Jabbar is known for standing and fighting racial injustices and well, it’s time he got some credit for it.

The National Basketball Assocation has just revealed that they have honored Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the Social Justice Champion Award. This award selects a player after each season who “demonstrates a commitment to bringing awareness to social justice and inequalities.”

ESPN has shared that with this new award, the NBA club will nominate a player. Finalists of the group will then donate a combined $200,000 to social justice organizations.

In an official statement to The Undefeated, Abdul-Jabbar said, “I’m honored and grateful to be associated with this award that will recognize the dedicated and selfless people fighting to promote social justice for all marginalized people.”

Adding, “It’s nice to see the NBA try to promote social justice awareness, and I am very flattered they would see fit to name the award after me. To me, it’s another giant step in the right direction for the country and all people who value equality.”

Congratulations Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!