Baton Rouge native, Karen has worked in the human resources field for years after graduating. After being single for five years, Karen admits dating can be quite difficult. That’s why she made the decision to be Married at First Sight. We caught up with Karen ahead of the series’ new season premiere tonight to find out just what we can expect to see in her story.

Karen, describe how you were feeling going into this Married at First Sight process.

To say I was nervous is an understatement!! I was terrified, but hopeful and excited at the possibility of finding my potential life partner. 

What were you most nervous about?

I was nervous that I would know my match or that my match would be someone that one of my friends previously dated. New Orleans is a small city and it sometimes feels like you know everyone. In my mind, I wanted a fresh start with someone who I had not already met. I was also nervous to see how my family would react to the news of my marrying a stranger, and if I had described what I was looking for well enough for the experts to match me well. 

What can we expect to see from you all’s story in this new season?

You can expect a little bit of everything! Many laughs and good times, but also moments of stress, anxiety, fear and sadness. We went through a lot being married at first sight— especially during a pandemic and a major social justice movement happening.


Married at First Sight Heads to “The Big Easy” premieres tonight, July 15th at 8PM EST on Lifetime.