Karwanna D is a vibrant business coach, a successful Entrepreneur, an Author, and a fiery Transformational Speaker. She has a fierce focus and determination to help others. Her greatest passion is helping other women and minority small business owners grow their businesses strategically with government contracts so they can have successful and sustainable businesses with consistent income.

Had you always had the desire to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve always wanted to own my own business since I was a teenager. I even went on to get a master’s degree in Business. I just didn’t know how possible it was really going to be for me coming from the inner city with little resources, limited credit, and bad spending habits. Everything I thought I knew about business turned out to be a misconception. Even the things I acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to learn. I’m so grateful that I learned the truth because that experience got me to where I am today. A successful entrepreneur. I made it.

As a successful entrepreneur, can you tell us about your journey to entrepreneurship?

I started my entrepreneurial journey over 15 years ago. I remember clearly walking away from my job to build my dream. I had no plan, no roadmap, and no money. Like many entrepreneurs, I really believed in bootstrapping my way to the top. Every penny I made, I reinvested back into my business for years and I barely made ends meet. I bought into the ideology that it should take 2–5 years of struggling in business to actually turn a profit and so that’s exactly what I did. What I learned is that you get what you expect.

Knowledge is everything, but the application of knowledge is the most powerful thing. You have to apply what you learn. The greatest discovery in business for me was what I coin the “Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts”. I learned that of the $26T+ government spend on business products and services upwards of 23% is mandated to go to small businesses. That’s the game-changer.

Can you tell us more about your company She’s Got Goals LLC and what was the motivation behind launching it?

She’s Got Goals, LLC was birthed out of my drive to share information.  As I learned about various ways to make money in business, I shared that. Now that I have learned how to sell to the #1 biggest paying customer a small business could ever acquire, I just wanted to tell other women about it who had goals of their own and who were optimistic about achieving them. So, She’s Got Goals, LLC is a small business coaching and consulting firm designed to empower women in business with tools, tips, and strategies to successfully start and grow a small business and position their business as a vehicle to create generational wealth and my 5 Day Challenge to help business owners get pre-qualified to sell to the government is a great entry point into government contracts. You can find it at

What led you to want to help women and other small businesses with governmental contracts?

The first time I landed a government contract I thought it was a mistake. I literally replaced the full-time income I was making when I was working 9–5, 40hrs+ work weeks with 1 contract and in just 28 days. Time no longer equaled money for me. Government contracts gave me my time back and helped me to provide for my children and begin to create wealth for my family. The first thing that came to mind for me was “Why don’t we know about this?” When we go to open up a business in the county or state…why don’t they talk about this?
I never knew that I could even sell my services to the government until I did, and this could be the difference for most entrepreneurs between success and failure in business. So, I decided to be the voice for other women and minority small businesses because this can really help us win in business, family, and in our communities.

You have a powerful quote, “Live life by design, not by default”. What exactly does that mean and why is it important?

One of the most important things in life that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that it’s never too late to start again. I learned so much in the past decade that I knew in my entire 45+ years on this earth. And even this late in the game I got to leverage my business to accomplish things that I never thought were possible. I made my first dream board in my late 30s and everything on that board I accomplished time and over again. And at one point it was full of dreams I never thought I’d ever achieve.

That’s when it hit me. We get to design the lives we want and as long as our actions and intentions are aligned with our dreams, eventually, we will achieve them. So Live Life by Design and Not by Default means be intentional and live on purpose. Don’t just react to life but be proactive in everything you do and do it for a purpose. It’s how you can truly have a purpose-driven life.
So many women and small business owners struggle to make it to the next steps and you make sure they know they don’t need permission to be great.

Can you tell us what you feel this is mandatory to know while moving towards their set goals?

Faith is very necessary when it comes to moving towards your goals. You have to see your success and believe it before you achieve it. We all have the choice to decide if we’re going to focus on what we don’t have or to focus on what we are headed towards. Either way, what you believe most is what you will get. Faith and doubt come from the exact same source. Energy. There’s a positive energy that fuels faith and there’s negative energy that fuels doubt. What I’ve learned on this journey to success is to focus on the desired outcome I want. I’ve also learned that when you combine faith with action, success could only follow. It’s the laws that govern attraction.

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

I would like the viewers to be inspired by this interview. For those who are in business and trying to figure out a way to grow that business, just knows that what you’ve learned about business and how it works is completely far-fetched from the truth. It doesn’t take 2–5 years of struggling in business to hopefully turn a profit. That’s just not how it really works.

How can people connect with you?

You can follow me on IG @karwannadspeaks