Fayetteville, North Carolina native, Katlyn Nichol was born with music in her veins. The youngest of five sisters and daughter to musicians, she followed her family’s gospel roots and used her talents to spring forward in a quite successful music career of her own. Katlyn is a featured artist on FOX’s new show, Shots Fired and is since on BET’s hit series, American Soul. We wanted to catch up with the young soulful artist to see what all she’s got in store for us in the future.

Tell us about your musical background. What made you want to become a singer?

I started off in church. My mom is a singer and choir directs and plays the drums. I was always watching my family be musicians. My sisters are always musically inclined. I guess you can say, it’s just in my blood. Eventually it just blossomed into what it is today.

Tell us about your role on BET’s American Soul.

American Soul is about Don Cornelius and Soul Train. It highlights the stories of certain individuals, some are real, some were created. I play Simone. She is in her 20s. We kind of get to see where life has taken her along with the turns and twists that she’s endured in order to survive in the industry and life in general. It’s great, we’re on season two right now. I’m just excited to see the rest of the season.

photo by Nathan James

How has your experience been as a featured artist on FOX’s show, Shots Fired?

It was fun! It was my first time being on a musical portion of a television show. It wasn’t my first time on the set, but it was such a fun experience. I met a lot of great new people. I think it was a premonition of what was to come!

Is there anything you are currently working on that you could tell us about?

Right now, I’m working on my EP, Phase One. The release date was June 8th but due to circumstances, I wanted to push it back a little. I’m still working on it, adding the finishing touches on it, and I am very excited to share with the rest of the world.

You’ve already accomplished so much at a young age. What do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

I just hope to keep doing what I’m doing. I think the path that I’m down is a good one. The future looks very bright. I know that there are unenviable changes that happen in life that we’ll never see coming but I’m pretty sure there will be positive things. I’m ready for whatever comes my way!

photo by Majesty Nichol

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Featured Image by Nathan James