In some cases, ex’s and all their baggage are hard to get rid of, but they eventually disappear into the arms of another. In other cases, they never go away. Personally, it’s a NO! for me. Once your time is up…it’s up and it better not be stuck! For the 5 couples starring in TLC’s new series You, Me and My Ex, cozying up with their new loves former partner is a way of life. From sharing the same roof to matching tattoos – they are clearly all in this together.

24-year-old castmate, singer/songwriter, and airport employee, Kayee Lovey loves her boo Jerry enough to take one for the team. They met in an airport and flew into a cloudy abyss of love. But for how long? With dreams of a winter wedding – may be at the beach – Kayee is sure she wants to live a happy marital life. Check out her thoughts on her new life, what it’s like filming the show, and her plans for the future.


Image provided by TLC