Keedron Bryant is only 14 years old and already accomplishing what most artists can only dream of. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, where it seems there’s been a surge of rappers coming out of as of late, the young recording artist stands out with his smooth, buttery voice, reminding folks of that nostalgic, feel-good R&B we all know and love.


Exploding onto the scene with his viral smash “I JUST WANNA LIVE,” created and inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd, Bryant quickly caught the attention of audiences from all over the world. His overall mantra is to spread hope, unity, and love for all beings, effortlessly reminding folks that we are all created equal.


Fast forward to 2021, Bryant unleashes his highly-anticipated, self-titled project, a 6-track project that showcases his strengths in the realm of R&B. Spearheaded by single “Stubborn” featuring Curly J, Keedron is a testament to love and relationships, something we can all relate to in life.


Beyond the music, Keedron has been shutting down stages at professional sports games, singing on his church youth praise team, and even taking piano lessons from the legendary Dr. Dre. His dream is to take home an EGOT, taking after one of his biggest influences John Legend.


Sheen Magazine caught up with Keedron virtually to discuss singing the national anthem, the moment he fell in love with music, going viral with “I Just Wanna Live,” the George Floyd incident, the new project, favorite hair care products, his fashion, goals, and more!



How are you?

I’m doing good. It’s Friday, so I’m excited it’s the weekend. I’m not doing a lot, mainly chillin’ and working on stuff. Just chillin’ out.


I know you did the Clippers halftime show on Monday. How was that?


It was definitely an amazing experience. I had fun. That was my third time singing the national anthem on national TV. It was fun.


What was your first time?

At the Jaguars’ game.


Were you nervous?

At first, but then when I started singing, it went away. It was an amazing experience; that’s how I started off.


Did you ever think you’d be singing the national anthem at professional sports games?

Yes, actually, but I didn’t think I would get bigger. Like go places out of the state, so it’s definitely a surprise. But God already told me, “I am preparing you for this,” so I was ready.





At what age did you fall in love with music?

I started singing at 5, and I really started perfecting my craft around seven years old. I started making videos at 12 and 13. I went viral at 12, and now I’ve got a record deal to Warner Records. I was singing “I Just Wanna Live,” a song written by my mom. It was around when George Floyd died.


Did you anticipate that to go viral?

I didn’t at all. I didn’t really think that it would go viral because it was normal for me to post a singing video. I would post singing videos almost every week and it blew up, so it was surprising.


Obviously, the George Floyd incident was really tough for everyone. How did that impact you?

It definitely hit me when George Floyd died. I knew it hit the whole world, but my mom, God gave her the lyrics, and she wrote the song. She told me to sing it. It was definitely a big responsibility to have that song and deliver it in a powerful way because people were going through it. Rough times, so I had to definitely pray that God would give me strength to bless people.



Do you and your mom make a lot of music together?

Yes, we actually do. She wrote a song on my recent new EP that just came out. It’s called “Everything,” so make sure y’all go listen to that EP. It’s dope.


How does it feel to be releasing your self-titled EP so young?


It is a blessing. I’m so happy and excited that this EP dropped. This year is going to be a great year for my music, and I hope that y’all can go listen to it. It’s on all platforms, on Youtube, whatever platform you use. You can download it and stream it because it’s definitely an EP around young love and true relationships. Old school R&B vibes sometimes and pop vibes. Make sure y’all go listen to it.


Who are the old-school R&B influences that you draw from? Because I feel like they’re from before your time. [laughs]

I like New Edition, Usher, Tank, Whitney Houston, of course. It’s a lot, but those are my top favorites.


I know you have a song with your sister too, “Like I Do.” What did it mean to make a song with your sister too?

It was definitely a great time. I had fun recording with my sister. Me and my little sister love to sing together, so it wasn’t new. All my family sings, so we always have a fun time singing together and recording music.




Talk about linking with Curly J on “Stubborn.” How did that collab come about?

It was a dope collab, being able to collab with him in the studio. Also making the music video that you can watch on Youtube of “Stubborn” was a great experience shooting that. The song itself is a dope song, and Curly J did his thing on there.


What’s one thing you want fans to get from the project?

I want my fans and followers to get that young vibe, R&B vibe, love, true relationships. Old school R&B type, you can play it anytime. It gets you in the mood.


What do you know about love?

I do know some stuff about love. I don’t date anybody right now, but I know some stuff.


Are you still in school?

Yeah, I still go to school. But, next year, I’m doing homeschool.


How are your peers responding to you becoming a little superstar?

They were surprised. They always bring it up every day. I got used to it. I’m also grateful that I have people that encourage me, give me some feedback also and compliment my music. It’s good.


Best encounter you’ve had with a fan?

I’ll have to say, when I was at the hotel, we had a hotel in Los Angeles, and I was on the computer downstairs. I was doing schoolwork, and this fan recognized me from the back of my head. It was crazy because when she saw me, she started screaming. She said, “Oh my gosh, it’s you! I love your video.” That was a crazy moment because she recognized me just from looking at my head.


With a song as powerful as “I Just Wanna Live,” what is it that you want to impact people with your music?

I want to impact people with good sound. From “I Just Wanna Live,” that was around the protests. I want them to also get that feel, but also in an R&B vibe. You can play it anytime, just set the mood of the room with that old-school vibe.



How was it doing “I Know I’ve Been Changed” with Symba and Gary Clark Jr.?

I had a lot of fun recording that also featuring my producer Dem Jointz who produced the song. It was on American Skin, the movie. I had an amazing time recording with Symba and Gary Clark Jr. They’re dope musicians, and Symba’s a rapper. It was a fantastic experience.



Can you talk about those piano lessons with Dr.Dre?

That was crazy. It was definitely a crazy experience. I’m so grateful that I even got to do that. He gave me tips to better my career, so that’s definitely a big accomplishment.



What are some of the tips he gave you?

To start playing the piano to better my career, to go with my gift because it’ll take you a long way. Not just singing you can play and sing at the same time. It will grow you with your singing also.


Talk about the hair care products you like to use.

I use Mielle smooth, curl enhancing. I use that on my hair when I get out of the shower and wet it. I use the Mielle product, then pick it out and detangle it. It’s simple, but sometimes when I’m getting ready to go, that’s my night routine. When I’m getting ready to go, I wake up and just wet it again, then sponge.


How would you describe your fashion?

I describe my fashion as not too flashy. I like plain colors and neutral colors like black, grey, dark blue. Even blue because blue’s my favorite color, even white. I’d describe my fashion as chill, but I can get dressed up sometimes. Normally, I just put on some plain clothes.


It’s a new year. Do you have any goals for yourself?

I do. I have a lot of goals. I really want to start to get into acting and movies, anything that has to do with voiceover and that field. Also, get awards this year for my music. Reach the Billboard charts, do that kind of stuff. Keep traveling, and keep doing what I love to do. It’s a lot of goals, and there’s actually more than that.


Three things you need in the studio at all times?

I need hot tea for my voice. I need my mom in there with me. I don’t need her – need her, but it’s always good to have my mom there. I gotta have good headphones, but it has to be the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.


Did he lace you up?

Yeah, I prefer those better. I use all different kinds, but those are the best.


Anything else you want to let the people know?

Make sure you follow me on all social platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube. Make sure you subscribe and watch all the music videos. Make sure you download the new EP that I released. It’s definitely a great piece, so make sure you go listen to that and share it with everybody you know.


Phot credit: Brent Flores