Keeping up with the Joneses on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) is in its second season. This 4-part series is stirring up the drama and it’s on fire! Viewers have been asking for season 2 and it’s here. 

I had the pleasure of attending the virtual press event with the amazing cast. There were several media outlets present, anxious to learn more about this upcoming season, produced by legendary actress ,Vivica A. Fox. Although they could not give away all the juice. They assured us that the drama this season won’t disappoint. 

Keeping up with the Joneses also stars Arie Thompson, Jasmine Aivaliotis, Shellie Sterling and Ciarra Carter as the step-daughters of Fox’s character, Robin. The synergy between the ladies makes for a good show. The drama is served hot and they deliver.  Fox, who is the matriarch of this family,  protects her legacy at all costs. She says this is the first role in her career that her fans “love to hate her” and she loves the challenge.

Vivica A. Fox also spoke candidly about her second chance in the business and how Lifetime Movie Network were the ones who granted her re-entry in the movie business as an actress and producer. They believed in her talent.  “LMN gave me this new opportunity in the movie business.” Fox recalls, people saying she was washed up and her career was over. Certainly,  that was not the case.  Fox said she had to reinvent herself. Well, she did it in a major way. Her partnership with LMN landed her right where she was destined to be. On top and in her new lane as a producer. Some thought working with LMN was career suicide, but she has the last laugh. Fox has done more than 50 movies with the network. She is a major part of the network’s success.

Vivica A. Fox also cultivates new talent, clearly providing mentorship on and off set. During the press event , there was a cohesiveness  that was evident and it carries over to the series. 

Fox revealed that the cast filmed all 4 parts of the series in 5 days. “We are a well oiled machine. We come to work.”  The ladies were asked what they did to prepare for their day before set.  Most agreed that coffee and mediation keeps them centered and sane as they begin their long days of filming.  Looks like it’s working because they came and they slayed.

Keeping up with the Joneses gives audiences everything they need. You will experience suspense, betrayal and boss behavior. Although Vivica A. Fox is the name we know and love, the other ladies hold their own, on and off the screen. They are extremely talented and have secured their place in this series, for sure.

Watch July 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th for 2 hours each Friday and support this project. Fox, “If you miss an episode, LMN will play the previous week’s show before the current episode.”

Written & Submitted by Kendéll Lenice