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Amazon Original Stories has just announced that they have partnered with Keke Palmer for a series of short stories based on her popular original Instagram characters and sketch comedy videos.

Readers and listeners can download the collection as a Kindle eBook or as an Audible audiobook, performed by Keke herself. Amazon Original Stories is slated to publish the short story series in late Fall 2021.

Palmer began creating characters on her Instagram account that tackled issues of class, race, femininity, and culture, and of course she adds her humor to each character.

Keke’s most popular character, Lady Miss Jacqueline has gained over 60 million views on Instagram. Lady Miss Jacqueline will be featured as the star of the Amazon Original Stories collection.

The series will feature illustrations while readers and listeners tune into the hilarious and fully realized world of her characters.

In an official statement, Palmer said, “What started out as an Instagram sketch, led me to one of my most beloved characters, Lady Miss Jacqueline. She’s always been larger than life—and a huge symbol of the moment when I realized I wanted to create worlds for my audience to get lost in. In effect, she was the beginning of my producing journey. The opportunity to share what makes her not only funny, but important, is exciting!” said Keke Palmer. “The team at Amazon Original Stories and I have a shared vision and what they have already been able to accomplish pushes me to bring my best and then some. I can’t wait to together share a new side of Lady Miss, her truth, and comedy with the world!”

Keke’s new collection will be available to read and listen free to Prime members, as well as Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Readers can download each story individually to their Kindle or Kindle app, or get the whole collection with just one click. Stories are also available for non-members for $1.99, with the option to add digital audio for free.



Information and Featured Image provided by CR8 Agency | Featured Image by Quintin and Ron