Keke Palmer the multi-talented actress, singer, and television personality, since age 11 has amazed fans with her intellect and talent from starring in “Akeelah and The Bee”, to getting her own series on Nickelodeon all before the age of 16, Keke has continued to amaze fans year after year! We’ve grown up with Keke on our screens, and watched her host her own talk shows, and even watched her advocate for herself as a young, black woman in the industry when her boundaries were crossed. She’s given us plenty of reasons to be proud of her, but through her consistent dedication to truly just being herself at all times she’s inspired millions of people to walk in their truth and chase their dreams no matter what! Keke has now stepped into a few new chapters as she’s recently became a mother and also launched her own network. SHEEN had the pleasure of being on the scene for closing night with Atlanta Film Festival 2023, where Keke debuted her first film under her own network Key TV! This was a special night as Keke made her directorial debut and the debut of her baby boy on the red carpet with her new little family. Keke stunned guests looking beautiful wearing a wild cheetah print bodycon bodysuit that fully covered her post baby silhouette, she’s been vocal and excited about the new body she credits her baby boy for giving her! Media, critics, and fans were then escorted to the theater for the debut of “Big Boss” and a special Q&A featuring Keke and Tricky Stewart post screening.

The film is a visual album that depicts a story of a young woman from Chicago trying to make it in the music industry and all of the obstacles that she faces as she pursues her dream. The film was co-produced by Tricky Stewert, the legendary 5X Grammy award winning producer, with accolades that include Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Justin Beiber, Ciara and many more! All of the concepts, storylines, and music was executed fashionably, and perfectly in sync with the evolution of Keke Palmer’s journey and career over the span of the last 18 years! Keke credits always staying true to herself no matter where she is for how successful her journey has been. Big Boss is well written, and includes some of your favorite actors and comedians, and will not disappoint but definitely inspire you! For Palmer, “Big Boss” represents a new phase in her career, as she takes on directing and more complex and challenging roles. The film is a reflection of her own journey, and her commitment to pursuing her passions in the face of adversity.

Overall, the screening of “Big Boss” was a huge success, and a testament to Palmer’s growing influence in the entertainment industry. As she continues to take on new challenges and break down barriers, she is sure to inspire others to follow in her footsteps, and pursue their own dreams with passion and dedication.