Kelly Rowland and Silk are bring the FLAVA. Challenge your palate with Silk’s first TikTok-centric ad campaign! 

Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Rowland has joined Silk for the #SwapItWithSilk taste challenge, which encourages you to exchange your dairy products for Silk products and proves that Silk can meet everyone’s complete plant-based needs.

Kelly is urging her friends, family and fans to switch to Silk Nextmilk, a plant-based milk substitute developed to satisfy the taste preferences of dairy enthusiasts. This is so creamy and delicious, you won’t even notice the lack of dairy in it.

The #SwapItWithSilk Taste Challenge, which follows Silk Nextmilk™, will test the complete Silk line of beverages, creamers, and yogurt to show that FLAVOR ALWAYS prevails. Some surprise personalities will join the challenge along the way, incorporating their own twist on the swap and amplifying it through social media, allowing fans to experience and display all the bomb ways that these swaps may bring!!

We’d love to see your #SwapItWithSilk recipes on TikTok or Instagram, so please do so and let us see how you #SwapItWithSilk.