If you thought that you can go on a journey to success without experiencing challenges, then you’re clearly mistaken. Music sensation, Kelontae Gavin perfectly exemplifies this as he too, went through his own challenges before he reached the big lights of fame. Today, Gavin has released a fresh new album, The N.O.W. Experience that will not only help those in their personal faith journeys but also reminds people of the strength the carry daily.

Tell us what we can expect from your new album, The N.O.W. Experience.

Oh man, the upcoming album is an album that I would say is very multi-cultured in the sense of our charismatic church as far as praise and worship. The young as well as the old will be able to enjoy this great piece of work that we were able to put together. All of the songs were not written on paper, they were all literally written from vaults of heaven. Whether it was services or conferences, I’m a flow guy. I was super excited to take all of our audio files, put them together, and just packed it so that people can enjoy great gospel, contemporary music. It’s great for the young and the older generations.

Do you have a favorite song from the album you could tell us about?

Oh my gosh! Yes, I believe it is “Hold Me Close.” That is one of my babies. I call it my baby because I wrote “Hold Me Close,” at 17-years-old, when I was going through a shaky season in terms of my faith. I was almost to the point, where I was like ‘Man, God can’t be real.’ It was in that moment where I found out that is the realist, he had ever been to me. To know that when I felt alone, it didn’t mean that I was lonely. “Hold Me Close” is just a testimony as well as the declaration for people from all walks of life. We’ve all been through a season of our lives, where we needed God to hold us close. I’m super excited that this is a part of it. It’s going to be dope.

How would you describe being an artist in this time of the ongoing pandemic?

It is when we’re left at home alone, in the dark where, I believe God allows our creativity to even be stretched more. I became super creative. It allowed me to partner with someone else to bring them off their job to work in ministry and videography in their business. It was because of creativity we lack, it allowed us to be creative and hire creatives. It was dope to be in a space where God said, ‘Hey, re-write your blueprints, re-write your visions, and plans.’ He said, ‘You’re not just a singer or musician, you are all multi-gifted people.’ God gave us his creative ability so that we are all gaining from His strand.

In addition to your album, is there anything you are currently working on? What can we expect to see from you in 2021?

2021 is going to be a great year! I have a documentary coming out called, I Won’t Complain: A Story of How I was Viral, Violated, and Vulnerable. No one knew that the 15-year-old was going through life, confronting sexual abuse. It was something I experienced from 5 years old to 15. I wanted to walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ. You will see how I failed 10th grade but still traveled the country singing about Jesus. You will get to see just more of who Kelonate Gavin is – not just the viral sensation, cafeteria kid. Yes, everyone had some level of traumal but after that, there is glory, and you have to share it with everyone.

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