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After a brief musical hiatus to focus on mental health, self, and family, singer-songwriter KendyX steps back into the spotlight of the music scene today delivering a high-spirited new release of her genre-blending single, “Planet X.”


Known for her genre-defying artistry that seamlessly blends sultry R&B, rock energy, and a touch of swaggering funk, KendyX is not one to be boxed into a single musical category. With “Planet X,” the Chicago born, Long Beach, CA raised native continues to push the boundaries of her creative expression, soaring to new cosmic heights and inviting listeners to join her on an interstellar journey.

“Right now, my music has no restraints,” KendyX explains. “I don’t feel pressured to prove anything to anyone; I’m being artistically free. I’m going to do any genre I want and say what I want. I’m excited for people to finally get a taste of the real Kendal.”

On the track, a jazz-inspired beat sets the tone as KendyX’s robust vocals instantly captivate the listener. The song crescendos towards a climactic chorus, where KendyX extends a cosmic invitation: “I got your one-way ticket to Planet X.” Amidst the haze, a funkified guitar solo adds an extra layer of dynamic energy to the track.

“We follow a lot of trends that aren’t the best, and society is a little messed up,” KendyX observes. “It’s not great for our mental or physical health, and there’s a lot of judgment. You can’t really be yourself. So, ‘Planet X’ is this planet I made that’s free and all loving. Everyone can be themselves and everyone is valuable.”

With the release of “Planet X,” KendyX is blasting off to another stratosphere, showcasing her artistic versatility and her unwavering commitment to creative freedom. The single serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come from the genre-bending artist, as she continues to push the boundaries of her craft and invite listeners to join her on a journey of self-expression and freedom.


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of KendyX