With female artists taking over the rap game, prepare to fall in love with hip-hop’s next biggest star: KenTheMan. Hailing from Houston, Texas, where everything is bigger, the rising rapper arrives with all the sass and confidence, injecting that into her braggadocious bars and spitfire flow.

From doing make up in high school to singing in girl groups, it was in the 10th grade when KenTheMan began freestyling in cars… paving the way for her rap career to blossom. The first record she ever released was a freestyle over G Herbo’s “Chiraq” instrumental, which simultaneously served as a diss song against her ex-boyfriend. Fast forward to 2021, she arrives hungrier, more passionate, and relentless when it comes to perfecting her craft.

Most recently, KenTheMan unveiled her newest EP titled What’s My Name, a 10-track project spearheaded by lead singles “I’m Perfect” and “Rose Gold Stripper Pole.” Sheen Magazine caught up with KenTheMan at her virtual performance at Encore studios, chatting about the new project and beauty favorites.

You just released your What’s My Name EP. Hardest song on the project?

The hardest song on the project will probably be… all 10 of them motherfuckers! What you talking about? [laughs] You know, I don’t miss. That’s what they call me: KenTheDon’tMiss. 

I love “I’m Perfect”! I heard it in the studio early.

Yes, girls love it. My favorite will probably be “Onnat,” because it’s me. It’s so freaky, it’s so don’t give a fuck. It’s one of the top 3 of the upbeats. I like upbeat music, but I wanted to display the lyricism on the rest of the project. Of course “Onnat” is one of my favorites, but the whole shit’s jammin’. 

What inspired “Rose Gold Stripper Pole”?

When I made “Rose Gold Stripper Pole” I was just in the studio bullshitting around. I didn’t even feel like I was serious. Then when Asylum heard it, they’re like, “This is it!” I didn’t even have a second verse on it. I was in there fucking around with my friends, and I had to go somewhere else so I did it real fast. It took me two months to finish the second verse. It went from fun to work. I’m like “shit! I gotta come harder.” [laughs]

How much are you throwing at the strip club?

Girl, I’m cheap. These bitches better go to the next baller, because I’m a baller on a budget. I be throwing a lil 1, 2, but I don’t be the one that got the floor covered. That ain’t me. 

What are your beauty go-to’s?

My beauty go-to’s… you got to draw my mole back. For sure. I really like the minimal look. Everytime you see me, you see that I’m a brown girl. I like the natural beat. I like to have a little highlight, I like a little blush. I’m really plain Jane. I don’t like the extravagant makeup stuff. I don’t do the glitter!

What is Black Girl Magic to you?

Black Girl Magic means being beautifully yourself, in your skin. You could be light, brown, caramel, red, all of that. It’s your Black girl: what you represent, how you feel, how you put that shut out there. I feel like I’m the epitome of Black Girl Magic. Just look at me! Look at it! [laughs]

How was it having 2 Chainz bringing you out in Houston? 

I love 2 Chainz. He is so nice. I looked at him when he brought me out back there. He came in the room, he just spoke to everybody. I said, “Rich people nice?!” I guess they don’t have nothing to worry about because they’re so fucking nice. I really love 2 Chainz, he’s so supportive. He be posting me, he posted my tape. He brought me out. Nobody ever brought me out in my own city. For him to come to my city and bring me out, it means the world. 2 Chainz, I really love you. You’re so supportive, you’re fucking amazing, and you’re a star. He’s a star outside of the music, he’s a star in his heart.

Were you nervous?

I was nervous as fuck! He was trying to give me advice, then it was time for his set, so he ran off in the middle of my advice. I’m like “… so what do I do now?” It was unfinished advice, but he’s great. He was on stage the whole time talking about, “You got it! You got it!” [laughs] He’s awesome.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Stay beautiful, stay a bad bitch. Stay not giving a fuck what these motherfuckers say. It’s KenTheMotherfuckin’Man with Shirley, my motherfucking dog. And her bad ass dog. [laughs] 

Featured Image by Cameron Perry