Hailing from Rabat, Morocco, Khadija Lilley’s life has been an odyssey spanning continents and cultures, sculpting her into the empowered, resilient woman she stands as today. Born in 1987, her family immigrated to France when she was two, providing her upbringing in the serene town of Argeles sur mer, nestled in southern France.

Post high school, Khadija pursued her education in Montpellier, a bustling college town. There, she immersed herself in foreign languages related to international commerce, mastering English, Spanish, and Arabic. This linguistic versatility became pivotal in her professional trajectory, leading her eventually to the United States to further hone her language skills.

Yet, her path to success was marked by formidable challenges. Battling through an abusive relationship during her college years, Khadija found the courage to break free, seeking solace in the United States, despite initially facing daunting trials upon her arrival.

Her unwavering resilience and faith guided her through these tough times, nurturing a deep belief in God and an unyielding determination to carve her own destiny. Defying societal norms and familial expectations, particularly within her conservative Muslim background, Khadija rejected the confines of an arranged marriage, pursuing her dreams of independence and personal fulfillment.


Inspired by her father’s expertise in construction, Khadija ventured into the construction industry, eventually establishing her own company, Magnifique Pools. Her innovative designs transformed ordinary pools into bespoke paradises, garnering attention from notable figures like Shaquille O’Neal.

As the CEO of Magnifique Pools, Khadija takes pride in creating serene, personalized backyard sanctuaries, each bearing her distinctive touch, providing clients with an exclusive experience.

However, Khadija’s journey transcends personal success. Rooted in her humble beginnings and gratitude for her blessings, she remains dedicated to giving back to her Moroccan roots. Her philanthropic efforts include constructing wells, offering medical aid, and supporting the underprivileged, particularly in her hometown.

Guided by her unwavering faith, Khadija stresses the significance of faith in navigating life’s tribulations and discovering purpose amidst adversity. Her journey, from a village lacking basic amenities to becoming a global ambassador for the Sharon Ringo Foundation in Tanzania, underscores her commitment to effecting positive change and bridging continents.

Becoming Mrs. Georgia Globe epitomized more than just a title for Khadija. It symbolized her aspiration to inspire women globally, showcasing their potential to excel in male-dominated fields while contributing significantly to society.

Her counsel to young women echoes her personal journey – to persist, conquer obstacles, and utilize struggles as stepping stones to triumph. Khadija embodies resilience, empowerment, and an unwavering dedication to bettering the world through compassionate acts.

With her extraordinary journey and steadfast commitment to uplifting others, Khadija continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the world through her philanthropy, work, and endeavors in empowerment.

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