Ever since Khaotic cut off his dreads, his DM’s have been off the chain! You may recognize the Miami native from his time on Love & Hip Hop, but he’s also a super dope recording artist. Beyond the music, it’s his bubbly, out-of-this-world, unmatched energy that has garnered him fans from all around the world.


While most people cut their dreads off for a certain reason, Khaotic certainly had his own. 


Khaotic explains, “Shit man, I was facing charges! I had to go to trial. People thought it was a thing where I was cutting my hair because I wanted to elevate my look, man I was facing time. I was facing 10 years, I had to go to trial. My lawyer said ’Hey listen, you took the golds out your mouth. If you cut your hair, the jury probably won’t even recognize you. Look at you like a totally different person’.”


After making the bold decision to chop off his locs, Khaotic successfully beat his trial. 


Most recently, Khaotic unveiled his feel-good, dancehall-inspired anthem “Appreciate Me,” reminding fans to love on the ones you care about most.


Sheen caught up with Khaotic via Instagram Live, who was locked in the studio getting work done. Read below as we discuss his name, the new record, his ankh tattoo, doing Love & Hip Hop, and more!


For those that don’t know, who is Khaotic? 

I describe myself as my name goddamnit, I’m chaotic. Crazy ass a motherfucker. That’s what it is, I’m just crazy. I’m crazy in the level of everything with me is crazy. I got crazy hits, crazy faith, crazy motivation, crazy strength, crazy belief within myself. Everything is over the top with me. I’m overly over the top with myself. That’s how I am, I can’t help. I was born that way. It might annoy some people, but most people love it. It’s me, Khaotic man.


When did you pick up the name Khaotic?

I was 14 years old. One of my big homies, he’s my OG. He came home from prison. You know n*ggas go to prison? When they come home from prison, they done read a few books. They get a few big words, stuff like that. Chaotic was one of his big words. We was chillin’. I’m 14, smoking a blunt with a 30-year-old. He hit me with the “man, you know what your rap name needs to be?” I’m like what? “Khaotic, because you a crazy young n*gga!” Damn, I like that. I’m high as fuck, little young n*gga on that weed. Yeah, this is it. Khaotic, I ran with it.


Let’s talk about “Appreciate Me,” I love the vibe and message.

My album is gon’ be called Appreciation. It’ll drop sometime in September, I’ma get it out there to the people.


Where was the song recorded? Walk us through.

I was in Phoenix, Arizona. “Appreciate Me” actually was a feature. Somebody paid me for a feature, I went in the studio and I recorded “Appreciate Me.” I didn’t like their verse on the  record. I told him yo bro, this song is so fucking much of a hit. I don’t want to give this to you. He’s like “nah bro, I want it.”


I told him look, I’ll give you two features and a free video, for this record back. Now those two features and that video, that’s $10K worth of product I’m giving him, just for that song back. He ended up agreeing to it, then I took him off of it. I bought the beat from the producer. I definitely gave him his two songs and his video, then I dropped “Appreciate Me.” 


Props to you for doing what you needed to do.

Yeah because it was the story of my life. I felt he wasn’t a part of that story that I was telling. His verse didn’t tell the story the way that it was supposed to.


Best memory from the video shoot?

I shot the video between Atlanta and Miami. My favorite part about the video was the part I shot in Atlanta because so many people came out and showed love. It was so fun. We was all together, shooting the video. Everybody doing the dance and singing the song, everybody loved the record. Everybody was appreciating each other, we was out in the hot air sun. It didn’t even feel like we were in the hot ass sun, we had so much fun. I had a great time.


Are you making a follow up to “Appreciate Me”?

Oh, I already got 800 follow ups for “Appreciate Me.” I got so many follow ups, it’s crazy. 


What’s the meaning behind the ankh tattoo on your forehead?

This ankh is over my temple, letting the world know that I’m awakened. My energy never passes away, I never die. Physically we go back to the earth in which we came, but our energy is a source that lasts indefinitely. Basically I will never perish, because my energy is always gonna be circulating the universe.


What is “Princess Treatment”?

Princess treatment to me is a 360 degree angle of treatment that you give to a woman that is deserving of it. That means that you are 100% mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. You can’t give princess treatment without giving one or the other. A lot of girls got princess treatment mixed up where they think princess treatment is just a financial thing, and that’s not nowhere near what it is. If it’s only financial, that’s tricky. It’s not princess treatment. 


Only a king can give princess treatment, because the princess belongs to a king. A king is one that’s going to make sure you’re stimulated mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. That’s me giving my princess treatment to the females in the world. It ain’t gonna be a thing where if the woman has dinner with me, she’s getting princess treatment in the 360 degree angle.


Do you have any regrets from Love & Hip Hop?

Listen, I don’t got no regrets in life. Everything I’ve been through built character and made me who I am. Good, bad, or ugly, whatever it may be, I accept life for what it is. I got one life to live. After this shit, you dead and gone. This shit like a trial run to me. I’ma do whatever I can, however I can, whenever I can as long as I’m here in his world. Who gon’ judge me? That judgmental shit is temporary. They gon’ forget about that shit the next day.


You know how many motherfuckers did some of the dumbest shit back in the days, and are super duper successful now. You think a motherfucker worry about Kim K sucking on Ray J’s penis right now? That man moved on, got a whole new family. This woman is a billionaire. Nobody gives a fuck. On top of that, on Love & Hip Hop, I never really had no drama. I never been the drama-ed out n*gga. I’ve always been the funny n*gga, or the n*gga that be going through real life shit. So I really never had a full-fledged drama run on that shit.


You have a love interest on the show?

Right now, I got a person that I’m dating. We vibing. We kicking it.


Are you in a relationship?

No, I’m not in a full-fledged relationship I’m dating, but I’m not in a full-fledged, wholeheartedly, 100% committed relationship.


Does she want to be?

I mean, we vibing right now. Only God can show you what he has in store for us.


Do you date multiple people at once?

I can’t say that I date multiple people at once because I don’t have that much time and energy to invest in multiple people at once.


What can you expect from Wild ‘N Out next season?

Oh, you know about that? [laughs] You can expect a lot. I always like to say: whatever God has in store for me is what you can expect. God is the source of the energy that I’m putting out into the universe. People get it twisted and misconstrued when I say that. They be like “God don’t curse. God don’t this, God don’t that.” God blessed me. God blessed people to be in a position in life to do things, to bless the lives of many. Everything about blessing the lives of many don’t come from the most biblical ministered or preacher way. 


Sometimes a blessing can come from the weirdest place or the most fucked up place, or the most funniest place. Just me cracking jokes and making people smile can be a blessing to them, me delivering the message in the most comical way. Even through a song. “I want to feel appreciated,” even though a lot of music. A lot of artists got songs that’s provocative as fuck that motivates the shit out of me, to do better with my life. That’s me clarifying what I mean when I say God is the source of the energy I put out into the universe, meaning that God puts me in a position to be able to express myself the way I do to get to the people. It’s a million different ways to get to the people, and I got my own unique way.


Anything else you want to let the people know?

Hey man, just lay around for whatever God got in store for me. That’s all I can say. Make sure y’all continue to support my song “Appreciate Me.” Continue to do the dance. Post it on your TikTok, Instagram. Tag me, I’ll repost it. God is the Greatest. I appreciate everybody who’s been rocking with me, supporting me, being down for me. Tune in each and every Tuesday at 8pm, for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. My album is coming soon, sometime in September. Meet my new dog, Booty Head.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Khaotic & PR Team