KHLOÈ BELLA is a new black owned organic skincare line based out of Brooklyn, New York. The brand was inspired by the owner because of the research she does to ensure she and her daughter use the best products. It’s safe to say this is definitely a trustworthy brand. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Do you feel like it’s best to have organic skin products than regular skincare products?

I feel it’s better to have organic skin care products than regular skincare products; As most don’t know most skincare products contain harmful chemicals. It only takes these chemicals 26 seconds to enter the bloodstream, which can cause skin and health issue later in life. 

What made you start a skincare line?

I have always had a deep passion for all-natural products. Being a new mom doing research on the top skin care product the chemicals used in these product and the possible side effects caused a great alarm & ignited me to create natural skincare products.

What’s so special about KHLOÈ BELLA?

KHLOÈ BELLA is handmade with love and care. Each ingredient holds a significant benefit to all skin types, genders, ages and ethnicity. This is what makes KHLOÈ BELLA special. 

What products is your brand known for the most?

KHLOÈ BELLA is most know for our body butter and body scrub. 

What more can we expect from KHLOÈ BELLA? 

We have been creating new products to expand our brand. I am working to create a non-profit organization to start programs in Brooklyn where I am originally from. As well as programs in Middletown, Ny where I currently reside that cater and foster financial literacy and entrepreneurial education. 



All images courtesy of KHLOÈ BELLA