Meet Kindra Barnes The Queen Of Natural Hair Care from Houston, TX. We had the opportunity to sit and talk to Kindra about how we can take care of our natural hair and why she believes she’s that girl when it comes to Houston Hair! 


  1. Who is Kindra Barnes?

Kindra is a woman striving to go after everything God said I could have using the gifts he’s given me to serve him and his people. Now that I think about it, I think God purposely didn’t spell out my purpose intentionally. Because all I knew was I wanted to ‘help others’. Since I didn’t know exactly how, I joined the United States Army Reserves as a 31bravo (Military Police officer). I later came back to the real world to explore school – eh I wasn’t inspired at all. Got a job- that was low hanging fruit. I thought maybe I’d be a hairstylist like my sister. I went to school and finished fast, so I was inspired. When I was finished I just had no experience in customer service or how to run a business. By this time I was married with one child  by the age of 22. Still no clear purpose, so I bounced back and forth from job to hair and repeated that viscous cycle for years. By this time the industry went ‘wiggy’ and I’d never been into wigs, so there was no place for me in the beauty industry. I decided I needed stability and that I would never do hair again. A fortune 500 company hired me! I started from the bottom with no experience, but 6 years later I had about 3 promotions and I’d worked on several projects. I later felt boxed in, unheard, and definitely underpaid leading a specialized team. Once I saw with my own eyes what was holding us back – I knew then I had to get back out there. So to answer your question; Kindra Barnes is a Child of God, Wife, mother of 3, veteran, leader, content creator, hairstylist, and makeup artist. I use all those parts of me daily to be Kindra and to serve Gods people inside and outside of The KB Glam. 


  1. What made you get into the art of natural hair care?

Staying true to myself forced me into natural hair. I’ve never been into sales or marketing. I’ve always love helping others – it’s my passion. People would always ask me what is my passion, and I never could pick just one thing. As I moved further away from fear and started stepping into who I truly was instead of what I thought society wanted me to be- that’s when God really began to show me what my gifts truly were. I would get feedback about how women’s hair felt (compared to other experiences), how their hair was growing, and how women’s hair started to change after they left chemical relaxers alone. Then I started playing around with different professional products and I studied how it made the hair feel and react – that is when I knew it was more about a product party than just the temperature of the flat iron. As I began to flat iron the hair – I also noticed how the hair would react based on the temperature/product/texture. I mean there were so many variables. From there – I started to market Silk Presses more and study the different textures and share my findings + the clients stories. It became uplifting! I noticed many of us share several commonalities, yet some lacked basic foundational principles surrounding haircare maintenance. This is why I began to make it my business to educate and inspire. My clients began to  notice how much I didn’t care about the end style, but Moreso the process and how we achieved the style. This is when Ending Hair Breakage was birthed.


  1. What’s some of your go to for natural hair care products?

My go to products for natural hair will always read words such as; moisture and/or protection (to name a few), and it will always be professional brands. Joico, Kenra, Mizani, Sebastian, just to name a few. Now that I’m a curly girl – I must list kaleidoscope! Her newest lines have been clutch for me as a mom, a woman, and a stylist! I use the Soulfed and Da Brats line on my daughters, myself, and  my clients. 


  1. Who’s some of your industry heavy hitters you would love to work with one day?

So far God has blessed me to partner with major brands such as T3 Micro and Kaleidoscope, but I would love to work closely with Jessica Dupart Harris, Joico, Kenra, Mizani, and of course Anthony Cuts because he does hair and makeup. Originally I was so confused on which talent to use. I’ve invested thousands of dollars on hair and makeup courses, online and in person.  As an artist with so many gifts it’s hard deciding which talented to use more of. I’d love to work with Anthony because he utilizes both assets in each transformation. 


  1. What’s some things we can do to maintain healthy hair?

If you have textured or relaxed hair and care about it – everyone needs a steamer! It should be in your closet. It always surprises me of how many people don’t have a steamer, yet have a head full of hair or continuously stay with their hair done. If you’re getting your hair done, you should be sitting under the steamer every single time you are being transformed. Also everyone needs a trim at minimum every 6-8 weeks. It doesn’t matter if you’re relaxed or natural. I have so much more free insights to share on this though – including a free checklist text wow to 833-995-2557.